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Points to consider when shopping for bathroom sink bowls


(September 28, 2020)--You would want to have freedom and flexibility with choosing the right elements for your bathroom. Whether you go for a small or large scale upgrade, you may start with the sink area. Buying a sink can be the most exciting and overwhelming decision at the same time. You get so many varieties, starting from wall mounted to pedestal to undermount and top mount. The chances are you must have tried and tested most of them because they form a common sight in a lot of American homes. But you may be looking for a different option this time. Something that can give a fresh twist to your personal space without being overpowering must be on your mind.

While choosing bathroom sink bowls may not be simple, you can narrow down your search to a specific design to eliminate unnecessary confusion. For instance, you can opt for a vessel sink. From here, you can chart your journey comfortably and smoothly. Since you know the kind of bowl you want to have in your bathroom, you can focus on it and other elements to include in the new layout. Here are a few suggestions in this regard to make your job easy. 

Bathroom sink materials and colors

From a classic porcelain look to a modern glass variety, the range is extensive and energizing. If you have time, you can devote your time to hundreds of styles and finishes in the market. For example, if you talk about the vessel-style bowl, you can think of vitreous china, solid surface, and glass as the main options. Like any other material, these can have some positive and negative sides. To be precise, if you look at vitreous china or ceramic, you will be attracted to its shine and smoothness. Other than white, it can be available in grey, black, and beige colors.

Since ceramic is a traditional and quite simplified material, you can think of buying a ceramic vessel bowl to play with the idea of old and new in your bathroom. Plus, this non-porous surface can free you from the tension of bacterial or mildew growth. Maintenance and cleaning is also not a hassle as a soft soapy cloth, and clean water can be enough to remove unwanted spots.

However, if you have a budget, you can go for a glass bowl. It may not constitute a regular sight in many bathrooms, but there is a craze for it. People usually drop it for its high price. If you don't mind loosening your purse string a bit, a tempered glass vessel-style basin can be within your reach. Exposure to excess heat lends it with a sturdy body. You would want to be careful when working with a sharp object as it can potentially damage this surface. Otherwise, it has all the characteristics of the perfect modern sink. Keeping it clean is also not a headache.

With glass bowls, you can experiment with different modern shades. From transparent to single to multi-color, you can find them in attractive palettes to suit your bathroom's central theme. If yours is a cramped space, you can buy a clear glass sink to make it appear larger. Since it isn't so visible, the vanity will be in the focus and the surroundings. When the light is dim, the water in the vessel can create a dramatic effect. Similarly, if you choose a solid tinge, which can be blue, red, brown, or something else, you will notice how it revitalizes the whole ambiance alone.

Other than glass, there are solid surface bowls also. If you are looking for an alternative to natural stone, you can rely on this - a composition of resin and minerals. This base can match any granite or marble background effortlessly for a lower price. Like acrylic, this material can scratch or chip due to a lack of proper care. But if you buy from a branded store, these risks can massively reduce. Cleaning is, again, not an issue. A simple wet wipe can be enough to help it get back to its original shine. You get this mostly in white color.

Bathroom sink shapes

After material and shade, another decisive factor can be the shape of the bowl. Round, rectangular, square, and innovative designs are there. You can select an oval sink if you don't have much space on the countertop. The sleek design will fit in easily, even in a smaller area without causing any discomfort. If the vanity is large enough, you can think of a rectangular configuration. It will need a decent room, but it can be one of the most elegant pieces. You can get an incredible rectangular-style vessel sink in the glass material. The texture and color combination can leave you awestruck.

However, if you want to transition to a simple and elegant look, choosing a square bowl can be an excellent idea. In this also, you can have variations instead of the straightforward square figure. Just keep exploring, and you will be able to unearth the best design for sure.

Bathroom sink drain and faucet

While material, shape, and color speak of its personality and physical constitution more, the faucet and drain choice makes it a complete plumbing fixture for your bathroom's environment. The sink drain can be of two types – pop-up and grid. A grid drain can be a cap with small holes that allow it to drain water and soapy scum through the pipes. The traditional pop-up designs feature a plug and a lever system usually. If you frequently wash your hair in the sink, a pop-up drain can be the best solution. It creates a smooth passage for the debris to remove. Make sure the vanity has sufficient room for water supply lines and drainpipe. 

Besides, since it is a vessel sink, you cannot expect standard size faucets to complement it. For this type of bowl, you need to have a vessel sink faucet that can acclimatize to its height and base. The tap should provide you with enough room for washing hands while standing from the same base as the sink.

In essence, buying a bathroom sink bowl can be enjoyable if you know how to create the right environment for it or to make it the right fit for the existing system.