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Phone Scammers Active in Gloucester Township and the South Jersey Region

The Gloucester Township Police released the following information regarding phone scammers trying to steal the money from residents with bogus statements. 
We've recently received a report of an employee, who works at a business in GT, who received a phone call at their work desk from someone claiming they were from Salem County Sheriff's Department. The very convincing scammer advised that they failed to show up for jury duty, and had a $2,000 warrant for their arrest. The potential victim left work to acquire the money for the warrant, but was stopped by co-workers after they researched current phone scams on the internet. Great work by those co-workers! 
REMEMBER- Scammers might pretend to be law enforcement or a federal agency. They might say you’ll be arrested, fined, or deported if you don’t pay taxes or some other debt right away. The goal is to scare you into paying. REAL law enforcement and federal agencies WILL NOT call and threaten you.

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