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CNBNews Book Review: Local Columnist Markets Her 11 Novel, Highlights Local Talent

Local columnist Dawn O Watson recently announced the arrival of her new novel, Blue Earth.

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(September 2, 2020)--Blue Earth is the story of a dystopian society that struggles to survive under a protective dome. Outside, the world is irradiated and desolate, inhabited by the outcasts of society who are afflicted with burns and disfigurement as they attempt to survive in a world filled with mutated animals. The atmosphere has turned everything it touches a drab shade of blue.

“Independent writers are at a disadvantage. We must market our own work and do our own advertising, which is difficult because of the pandemic,” the author said. “There are some very good stories out there, written by people who do not benefit by large publishing houses.”

Blue Earth is Watson’s eleventh novel. Six books, labeled the Pi Series, are about the people and events that occur in the small town of Pi. Pi is modeled after Gloucester City, NJ and its residents.

Other books by this author are Training Your Dog With Love and Compassion, The Dementia Chronicles, and two more post-apocalyptic novels, 61RNrbWooTL._AC_UY327_QL65_Ezekiel: 38 and Ezra: 7.

The cover photographn of Blue Earth was done by Heidi Weaver. The covers of the Pi series were created by Amy Williams D'apice. Both the photographer and artist are from Gloucester City.
All books are available through Amazon.com in paperback and eBook format. They can also be ordered at any bookstore.