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SAFETY TIPS: Safety Message For Homes That Have Golf Carts/Low Speed Vehicles


The following is an important safety message for anyone who may have golf carts/low speed vehicles plugged in at their residential properties.  This message comes from Avalon Volunteer Fire Department Chief Edward Dean:

To our golf cart style Low Speed Vehicle Owners:

Under the right conditions and while charging the batteries of the LSV (Low Speed Vehicle), potentially dangerous levels of hydrogen gas can be released in the charging process. In order to prevent injury and/or property damage, the Avalon Volunteer Fire Department recommends the following precautions:

– Maintain the LSV, especially monitoring the battery liquid levels and adding in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
– Avoid charging the LSV while you are sleeping, especially if the LSV is inside a closed garage.
– Charge the LSV with the garage door open to allow any gases to escape to the outdoors.
– Install and maintain a carbon monoxide alarm in the garage.
– Do not charge the LSV when the dwelling is unoccupied.
– If your carbon monoxide alarm sounds in the dwelling, always call 9-1-1 and LEAVE THE DWELLING.

When charging, lead acid batteries such as those found in LSVs and other electrically powered small vehicles, can release potentially harmful levels of hydrogen gas. Carbon monoxide alarms will detect potentially unsafe levels of hydrogen, as well as carbon monoxide, so they are doubly beneficial safety devices!

For more information on hydrogen gas production during the charging of battery powered LSVs, please see this informative Firehouse Magazine article: https://www.firehouse.com/…/10518243/the-unexpected-golf-ca…

Thank you,
Chief Ed Dean