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How To Handle The Spotted Lantern Fly

If you are in one of the quarantined counties of Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Mercer, Salem, Somerset or Warren, you do not need to contact the New Jersey Department of Agriculture about Spottted Lanternfly sightings. Spotted Lanternfly locations in unquarantined counties in New Jersey can be reported to the Department by emailing slf-plantindustry@ag.nj.gov or by calling 609-406-6943.

The Department appreciates residents reporting the addresses of Spotted Lanternfly sightings and assisting us in keeping this pest from spreading. While we will not return confirmation calls and emails at this time, the information provided to us is important in our mission against the Spotted Lanternfly.

If you are able to eliminate the Spotted Lanternfly, please do so.

Homeowner Resources

What can you do to help? “Join The Battle, Beat the Bug”

This insect is an excellent hitchhiker and is easily moved if no one is looking. If you are in the quarantine area, please “Look Before You Leave.”

Inspecting your vehicles, trailers, or any outdoor items before you move around or out of a quarantine zone is important. If possible, don’t park in tree lines and keep windows rolled up when you park your vehicle. Know the life stages of the insect and when to look for them.

Using the recommendations developed by Penn State Extension, survey your own property. Any efforts you make in destroying the Spotted Lanternfly or it’s egg masses helps your property and community.

Reports are registered in a database for the USDA. The database is used to help determine properties for treatment. Treatment is based on location, risk, and available funds. Join the effort to control and prevent the spread of Spotted Lanternfly. We need everyone to protect their properties and communities from this invasive insect.

Treatment Options

For Homeowners

For Landscape And Nursery Businesses

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