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How can I lose weight fast?

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(September 19, 2020)--Being overweight is one of the problems that is being associated with our hectic new-age lifestyle. Work and family pressures ensure that people are always on the move, due to which they are unable to exercise as often as they need to, nor eat a healthy, well-balanced meal.  Over some time, this all results in the body gaining weight gradually, with the same being difficult to remove later in life.

Given the habit of having things done quickly and fast by this generation, people are always on the lookout for fast solutions to their weight loss problems. Weight watchers and people who have excess weight on their bodies always have one question foremost in their mind i.e. How can I lose weight fast? 

But is this really possible and how can we achieve it is something all of us need to know better and understand.

How does the body gain weight?

Just as losing weight is not an overnight process, nor is gaining weight. It is a slow and gradual process that slowly grows in momentum, as we continue our unhealthy lifestyle, with no exercise and a diet full of fat and unhealthy foods. 

As the body slowly gains weight, we become slower in our movements and feel reluctant to undertake any physical activity that may cause fatigue. The end result of this reduced and lack of activity is lesser calories being burnt than we consume on a daily basis. 

These excess calories are in turn stored by the body as fat, to be used in times of starvation. However, given our easy access to food and periodic consumption, our body is not deprived of food for long periods, due to which no opportunity arises for the body to burn the excess fat stored in our body as an alternative source of energy. Due to this, the fat keeps on accumulating and slowly becoming permanent, leading to us becoming overweight. Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 14.1.07

Remedies for quick weight loss

While things may be normal for some time despite having excess weight there comes a time when the body is not able to cope with the pressure of the excess weight and starts showing symptoms such as tiredness, lack of energy and even sleeping problems, etc. These are usually the first signs that some action needs to be taken to treat the same on a priority basis before some health-related issues occur. 

People who wish to avoid any health-related issues and live a normal, healthy, and active lifestyle just like before can adopt these measures to lose weight fast, healthily, and safely. 

1. Try intermittent fasting

For those who are looking for a fast weight loss solution, intermittent fasting is one of the best-suggested methods. As per research and studies conducted by fitness experts, it can help people lose a substantial amount of weight if undergone for a short duration such as 4 – 60 months. 

The technique basically involves regular short term fasts and consuming meals while marinating a short duration between them, throughout the day. One of the variations of this technique is ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) wherein you fast every alternate day and have normal meals on the other days. The idea is to eat considerably i.e. 500 – 600 fewer calories on the days you are fasting. 

On non-fasting days one should ensure that one does not overeat and has a proper well-balanced meal, which will provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs daily. This article by LifeApps explains the various stages of Intermittent Fasting in detail.

2. Add protein to your diet plan

Having high protein meals especially early in the morning can help you feel full and curb your overeating instincts during the day. This will help you avoid piling on excessive calories and reduce your calorie intake, thereby prompting the body to burn the excess fat stored within it. 

The protein intake will also help in the building of lean muscles and help you lose weight faster in the long term. Some of the protein forms you can consider are eggs, oats, nuts, and sardines, etc.

3. Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates

Excessive sugar consumption not only leads to the body putting on excess weight but may also lead to other lifestyle diseases. Research has shown there to be a definite connection between excessive sugar intake and obesity, so cutting down on your sugar will be the first positive step you can take towards your weight loss journey.  

To curb your sugar cravings you can snack on nuts and fruits which have many essential nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for the body.

Cutting down on refined carbohydrates can also help you lose weight fast, since they do not offer any nutrition but instead increase our blood glucose levels. The higher blood glucose levels prompt the body to store fat, thereby inducing weight gain.  Some of the refined carbohydrates that you should avoid in your diet are white rice, bread, and pasta. 

To avoid consuming them, you can switch over to healthier alternatives such as whole grain rice and bread made from whole grains, fruits, nuts, herb-infused teas, and smoothies made with water and milk instead of high sugar content juices. Healthline has an article on the ways to reduce your carbohydrate intake.

4. Use appetite suppressants

If you have trouble keeping yourself from munching all the time, then you should opt for an appetite suppressant like Nutravesta Proven. These supplements are all-natural meaning you are unlikely to suffer any side-effects short term or long term. If you do your research and read up on the review online, then you will find that a lot of the users credit these supplements for their weight loss.

However, not everyone has found them to be a positive influence on their weight loss journey. Here is a list of the best appetite suppressants reviewed by HCBT.


It is possible to lose weight fast if one pays adequate attention to one's diet and follows it up with a rigorous exercise regime. Remember, you need to be patient with all the fitness activities you are undertaking and stick to your weight loss program regularly, for the results to start showing. 

Cutting down on sugars and refined carbohydrates and using healthy weight loss supplements will also aid your weight loss program and ensure faster, better results so that you can enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle.