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How are memory care communities in Pennsylvania providing care during Covid-19?

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(September 22, 2020)--A person who has dementia may face a lot of problems daily. It can range from confusion, difficulty in doing daily chores, difficulty communicating, and apathy. It is a mental state of illness that requires critical attention with the utmost care. The pandemic situation has added fuel to this fire. It has added to the common man's mental stress and anxiety as it has become challenging to manage the critical condition outside. It is an entirely new situation out there. People do not know what they can do to deal with it effectively. The memory care facilities in Pennsylvania are trying their level best to help people suffering from the disease. 


The different activities that can help people with dementia


Multiple ways can serve the cause. Health practitioners are using several options to treat patients with dementia. The exercises should be seen in detail to get an insight into the effects of each. 


  • Keeping up the routine: Any change in the regular routine can cause Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 11.21.10worry for a person suffering from memory loss. Dementia care in Pennsylvania tries to keep the practice of the patients intact, even during the crisis. It helps them remain engaged with daily activities as it does not create any changes to their overall activities. It gives them a sense of relief. For meals, bedtimes, and their actions, they try to go according to the person's routine. 


In the case of a new person, you will have to be very consistent and also patient so that they have the time to adjust to it. They also work on safety measures while deciding on their routines. Safety measures like wearing a mask and the use of sanitizers regularly are included within the performance. It ensures that they are safe and secure while amid pandemic. They should learn simple activities like washing hands and bathing after returning from outside. They do as much as possible when it comes to treating persons with severe dementia. 


  • Working around roadblocks: Amid social distancing, it is not easy to walk in the nearby salon or park. You must follow the norms of lockdown. The memory care facilities try to keep up with the standards as far as practicable. They try to organize video calls with their loved ones so that they remain connected to them. It creates a feeling of engagement and they do not feel bored amid lockdown. They also organize simple activities like setting the table, cooking together, doing daily chores, etc. It helps to keep them engaged. They get to listen to their favorite music and do what they enjoy the most. 


  • Visiting caretakers: The agency tries to take the utmost care about the caretakers' safety and hygiene. They always make it a point to look into whether their staff is healthy or not, whether they can assign one caretaker for more than one person or not, and even whether they are using all the necessary precautions. They give them all the required skills and training about the safety precaution that they need to maintain. They impart special training regarding the best ways to deal with dementia patients. They learn tricks to divert their minds. Also, they know how to help them to recall past events and many more. 


  • An effective plan for possible illness: Patients with dementia are at higher risk of being affected by the coronavirus. Special care is necessary to protect them from the virus. Any change in their behavior can be a sign of more stress and anxiety or even COVID-19 infection. The symptom may include fever, cough, chills and shaking, muscle pain, headache, agitation, and more confusion, sore throat, and loss of taste and smell. When any of these symptoms become visible in the patients, the center takes immense care regarding their well-being.


  • Taking care of the patients: Memory care centers try to build a strong personal bond with the patients. They try to engage them in different activities so that they do not feel alone. Also, they make it a point that they are allowed to do what they enjoy the most. They have maximum independence so that they do not feel that they are away from home. The personal connection with them helps them to connect with the caretakers and the doctors. It can go a long way in helping to heal them.


It is essential to note that memory care facilities have a range of benefits associated with them. It would be best if you found a good facility. They can help heal the disorder and help the patients go back to their families healthy. However, you need to be patient and trust their treatment processes. If you hinder their medical procedures, then it would be difficult for them to give adequate medical attention to the patient. Patience on both ends is imperative to get concrete results.


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