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Camden County Board of Elections Announces Vote by Mail Drop Box Locations Releases New Data for Gloucester High School files


(GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)(Sept. 28, 2020) has changed how they measure school success and this may have changed your school’s rating. The organization released the following information. 

In an effort to give parents a more complete picture of school quality, we recently made some changes. Our Equity Rating is now calculated with more kinds of information. Now we include data on college readiness (like graduation rates) and how much students learn each year (also known as student growth). We believe this makes the Equity Rating a better reflection of how well a school is serving its most disadvantaged students.

We also changed our Summary Rating. Now, we give more weight to growth data than equity, standardized test scores, and college readiness information. We believe this Summary Rating offers a more accurate picture of a school’s effectiveness.

Check out whether Gloucester City Jr Sr High School's rating has changed, then learn more about why it may have gone up or down.

Want to explore what’s behind all these calculations? Here's why we believe our Equity Rating is such an important indicator of a school's overall quality, and here's why we are putting so much stock in student growth data.

Want all the details? Read more about our methodology, and why we made these changes to our ratings.

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