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Federal Judge Rules King Wolf's Business Closures Unconstitutional

The almighty “King Wolf” was FINALLY ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.

Governor Wolf ruled unconstitutional!

We have lost track of just how many months Pennsylvania has been under Gov. Wolf’s executive orders. 

The Trump-appointed federal judge’s ruling decided that in a crisis, executive privilege can only go so far before it turns into executive abuse.

I agree. 

Gov. Wolf’s office plans to appeal the ruling. See this is the disturbing part. Shouldn’t the governor follow and respect the Constitution while listening to the people of our great Commonwealth? 

By immediately deciding to repeal this decision, it is clear Gov. Wolf does NOT respect the Constitution and he does NOT listen to what the people of Pennsylvania want -- despite these two key facets making up the majority of his job description. 

Gov. Wolf thinks he is untouchable. This is extremely concerning for the people of Pennsylvania.

Not to mention, Gov. Wolf believes he has been Pennsylvania’s knight in shining armor against the coronavirus. Gov. Wolf was literally pushing to legalize marijuana in the middle of a pandemic.

Instead of reopening our businesses, Wolf was walking in anti-police protests and pushing for the legalization of marijuana!

There are no words to describe how little sense this makes. 

Executive privilege can only get you so far. Do you think Gov. Wolf’s executive abuse should be checked?


We, as Republicans, need to look after our Commonwealth and stand up against the radicals of the left. This should only motivate us even more to elect more conservatives to office this November.

Will you help stand up to Gov. Wolf’s unchecked abuse of power?

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Vonne Andring
Executive Director 
Pennsylvania Republican Party