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Delaware River Basin Commission May Vote on LNG Port in Gibbstown


GIBBSTOWN, NJ --The Delaware River Basin Commission may vote on upholding the approval of New Fortress Energy’s LNG facility in Gibbstown at their meeting this Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 13.11.12Thursday, September 10th. The NJ Sierra Club along Empower NJ have generated 1,000s of signatures opposing the LNG Facility in Gibbstown. The public business meeting will take place on Thursday, September 10, 2020, commencing at 10:30 a.m. Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, released the following statement:

“The DRBC may be voting on whether or not to approve the LNG port in Gibbstown on Thursday. We are concerned that they will quickly put this docket up at their public meeting and vote to move this project forward. This is not just a small pier; this is a massive LNG port that will have major implications for the environment and public safety. A port along the river where combustible fuel like LNG is being transported and stored brings great danger to the region from potential spills and explosions. These are very real concerns, not just remote possibilities. Fortress Energy has been hiding what they have been doing, and the DRBC needs to do their job and protect the basin.  

“The Murphy Administration needs to also step up and stop this reckless and disastrous project. The DEP needs to do their job and protect our environment and public safety by rejecting Delaware Partner’s 401 Water Quality Permits. More importantly, Governor Murphy can put a moratorium on fossil fuel projects.  New Jersey has already filed a lawsuit suing the Trump Administration over a new rule that would allow for the transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail. It would only make sense that they would oppose a facility that would be transporting LNG by rail through our communities.

“LNG facilities are extremely dangerous to the nearby communities and can have wide-reaching environment consequences. These toxins can threaten the Delaware River which provides drinking water for millions of people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Since the River is tidal, a spill or explosion could impact our drinking water supply. Sensitive ecosystems like wetlands along with endangered species like the Atlantic sturgeon could also be impacted.

“DRBC must step up and protect the people and communities in the Basin. Delaware River Partners plan to bring 3.5 million gallons of LNG a day to the port from truck or rail, this is equivalent to 2 billion gallons of natural gas. What’s even more alarming is that PHMSA is going to allow rail tank cars carrying explosive LNG through our communities and neighborhoods. The dangers of a possible derailment, spill, or explosion would be catastrophic.  A train derailment carrying LNG will be much worse than what happened in Paulsboro, New Jersey when a tanker derailed and released 23,000 gallons of toxic vinyl chloride gas.  A leak from any of those trains could instantly kill everything within 550 yards.

“With more and more information coming out about the LNG proposal, the more reason for the DRBC to turn down this facility. An LNG port in the Delaware will not only cause catastrophic damage to the river and surrounding area, but prompt more fracking, and more use of GHG’s. We cannot have a real fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin if we put an LNG port in the middle of it. This proposal will only add to our climate impacts and will pollute our lungs and our water. We ask the DRBC, Don’t Ruin the Basin Commissioners! Stop this port!"