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Create a Warm & Welcoming Ambiance with Kids Posters and Baby’s Room Décor Tips from Experts


(September 28, 2020)--Welcoming your newly born baby to his home is an exciting and a never-before experience for the new parents. Decorating your baby’s room could be an ecstatic and euphoric experience for the parents-to-be. You must be busy with preparations for the sweet arrival of your newborn. You wish to make sure that everything is perfect for your baby’s room. You have the liberty to decorate your little one’s room the way you wish to and remember to focus on getting creative and see the amazing ideas roll. If you are not inherently creative or slightly confused thanks to the frenzy of welcoming your precious one, here are some amazing tips from expert interior designers that should help you in doing up your baby’s room.


Consider Sticking to a Theme

While decorating a newborn’s room, often parents get carried away. You must not get unnecessarily confused and flabbergasted. Keep your cool and remember to identify a theme and stick to it religiously. You must choose everything according to the theme that you have chosen.






Create a Stunning Ambiance with Colorful Prints & Posters

You could focus on jazzing up the bare walls with colorful ‘kids posters’.  One of the hot favorite interior décor trends is decorating the walls with vibrant posters. These posters look cool and may take the aesthetics of your baby’s room to the next level. Moreover, not only they look chic and stunning, they help in concealing various flaws in the room. A great poster idea is to leave it leaned against the wall facing visitors when they open the door to the baby’s room. With this original idea, you could now keep rearranging the posters according to your mood and at the same time, you would not end up spoiling the walls using fresh nails in new spots. You may use posters of animals such as cute lion, happy zebra, bears with balloons, or a fox with lollipop, etc. you may create an accent wall using a host of colorful animal posters that are hot favorites with children.





Focus on Ensuring Mutual Harmony

You could create a harmonizing effect by grouping numerous posters together for making an attractive accent wall or an impressive gallery wall in your baby’s room. The various posters must be successful in creating a feeling of flow and continuity. You could use various posters but consider uniting them in a single gallery using the same photo frames for the posters.




Finalize the Color of the Walls

You must focus on painting your little one’s room with pleasing colors that are soothing to the eyes. If you are aware that you would be bringing home a baby girl, you could opt for peach or pink tones; on the contrary, if you know that a baby boy is on his way, you could use green or blue tones. Remember grey and yellow colors are supposed to be gender-neutral. If you do not know your little one’s gender yet, you could use those safe colors. You may highlight the soft pastel tones with striking animal posters. 




Use Posters, Cushions, Rugs, or Décor Pieces in Contrasting Colors & Patterns

Contrasting colors such as blue and yellow, pink and orange, pink and gray, black and white, red and black have been in vogue since time immemorial. Contrasting colors and patterns look nice and elegant and help a child to easily understand different colors. Hence, you could use these colors in the upholstery or soft furnishing in your baby’s room. Choose contrasting curtains, crib covers, blankets, cushions, pillows, soft toys, and even posters or art pieces to infuse an appealing contrasting hue. As per, in the United States most toddlers and babies are fascinated by primary colors like blue and red. Pink doesn’t seem to be that popular and fails to feature high on their list.



Choose Textiles before Finalizing on Paint

Nothing could be more depressing than identifying the perfect baby bedding or dream curtains only to realize that the color scheme would just not complement your paint job. Since you are having access to a broad spectrum of paint colors and thanks to the prevalence of the cutting-edge color-match technology, you would find it much easier to select the textiles for the baby’s room first and then consider buying paint to match. You may, however, choose the prints and posters accordingly so that they complement both the wall color and the textile colors. Visit "" for an impressive selection of posters for your baby’s room.




Focus on Identifying a Focal Point

Most newly born babies’ rooms use the crib as the focal point, however, you could choose from many other smart options. A large alcove or a window or signature piece like a huge soft toy or a striking poster could also help in drawing focus. Use the poster shared below for boosting the overall ambiance.



Conclusion: Consider Going Green

Focus on designing a beautiful but eco-friendly nursery for your newborn. Use environment-friendly bedding including mattress, linen, etc. and upholstery. Avoid hazardous plastic toys. Choose posters that highlight nature and help your baby to develop a deep love for nature in the long run.