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CHEER-Gloucester City resident Dan Reader was upset about his grandchildren coming home from the Gloucester City Playground at Lane Avenue with stickers on them. So instead of just complaining he stepped upped and cut the six-inch-high grass himself. Thank you Dan for caring and watching over our neighborhood. Cheersandjeers



JEER PSE&G employees doing construction work throughout the city since last year keep the motors and flashers on their vehicles operating for 8 hours at a time. The work is being done in residential neighborhoods without any consideration of the people living there. The noise and carbon pollution the trucks are spewing into the air is sickening at times. God forbid if you have COPD or other lung diseases.  Often the only thing separating the smell, the blinking lights, and the sound of engines is a sidewalk and a window. We must live here. Can't PSEG be more respectful of us? Incidentally NJ and Gloucester City have laws that forbid a truck or an auto to idle any longer than 3 minutes. Are the City police officers that are hired by the PSEG contractor to watch traffic still in their official capacity?  If so shouldn't they issue these truck drivers a summons for breaking the state's/city's 3-minute idle law? 



How much idling is allowed? No person shall cause, suffer, allow, or permit the engine of a diesel or gas-powered motor vehicle to idle for more than 3 consecutive minutes if the vehicle is not in motion. State Law



CHEER-The Rev. Phillip Ramos, AM, has been named the Director of Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 13.33.31Catholic Identify at Gloucester Catholic High School. Two years ago Father Phillip was assigned to the Camden Diocese from his work as a Formator at a  Philipines Seminary. Prior to coming to Gloucester Catholic, he was the Parochial Vicar in Cherry Hill at Christ Our Light parish.


JEER-Those people in charge of cutting the grass at Gloucester City playgrounds this summer have done a poor job. They haven't done much better with emptying the trash cans located throughout the city. More public trash cans are needed. Instead of spending the recycling grants on things like a billboard, use the money to buy trash receptacles.


CHEER-Dr. Kimberly Chiodi, a former Gloucester High School Alum,
was appointed to the position of assistant superintendent of schools, at the School Board's September meeting. She is expected to start
her new job before the end of the year.


JEER: To career politicians who have forgotten they work for the people who elected them.

Some think the public exists to provide them with money and power. They make mistake after mistake and in order to correct the problem they created they raise the taxes of the citizens.  





CHEER—Thank you to the Police and First-responders in our City and in all the Cities in South Jersey for being there to protect us. Great job. 


Nicholson Road Graffiti, CNBNews files


JEER-The ugly graffiti all along the walls of the freeway overpass on Nicholson Road has been there for years and several months ago was cited in CNBNews.  If citizen Joe Schmo calls the county, especially during Co-vid, he most likely will be ignored.  If some respected member of our city government has enough civic pride to make a networking call to the proper county or state bureaucrat, maybe this ugliness along one of the few main entrances into town will be removed or painted over. If this graffiti were in Haddonfield, do you think it would have been ignored for years?  RELATED: Graffiti in Gloucester City


CHEER—Gloucester High School has once again made the highly- Imagesesteemed U.S.News & World Report list of America's Best High Schools. This is the fifth year out of eight that GHS has received this honor. Other schools in South Jerse on the list include Haddonfield, Moorestown, Cherry Hill East, Williamstown, Cinnaminson, Clearview, Haddon Twp., Eastern, and Kingsway.


JEER-Many mayors in Democrat cities around the country have instructed their police to close American businesses and churches during the pandemic but, these same politicians stood by and did nothing while anarchists rioted, looted, and burned the local businesses and stores they swore to protect. Now they want the Federal government/taxpayers to pick up the tab because they didn't do their job.

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CHEER-Anyone in these trying times of upheaval and discord who can still see the rosier side in spite of it all that has happened in 2020  deserves a hoorah! You are the true strong hearts in a world of astounding debauchery and you should be applauded. 


JEER- To the people who run for our local town offices, some like clockwork every two years,  just forego gratification with no specific plans to actually make anything better. They either lose after spending a small fortune on signs and advertising or win and are never heard from again. The quality of life in our South Jersey towns unfortunately continues to decline as the cost of living goes up.



SWEEPER DAY-Monday, Sept. 14, East Brown Street minutes after the street sweeper detoured around a car parked illegally in violation of the sweeper ordinance. There is no excuse for this lack of management, who is responsible for enforcing this law. Someone on the city council needs to find out why this law is not being enforced.  Look at the numbers below. 13-Years ago the City was bringing in parking fines that were over $150,000. How come our chief of police, our mayor, our city council members are not upset with such a drastic drop in revenue? (CNBNEWS PHOTO)

JEER-Several people submitted boo's to the City for not enforcing the street sweeper No Parking law. The people mentioned the amount of money in fines being lost as a result. A CNBNews Op-Ed in 2018 pointed out in 2018, Mildred Stubbs, the PEO (parking enforcement officer) was issuing over $150,000 in tickets annually, compared to the period of 2014 to 2018 when the income of annual fines ranged between $1,178 and $1,506.  

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JEER AND DOUBLE JEER—The trash laying about on our main thorofare is disgusting. Photos don't tell the complete story. For example, the photos of the two mattresses and other trash blocking the sidewalk on Broadway near Market Street (above) first appeared on Sunday morning; days later some of the mattresses, roofing shingles, and cardboard boxes were still laying there. A bus stop is just a few feet from these eyesores; great publicity for Gloucester City.



The grocery cart in front of the Twin Bar, (below) Broadway and Market Sts. was also there for days. On occasion, you'll see chicken bones laying next to the nearby corner trash receptacle. The people are so lazy they can't even dispose of their trash in the receptacle that is just inches away.   (CNBNews photos)

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 16.3.56

Government can't do everything, the people living here need to step up and take pride in their community. Otherwise, what is the sense of anyone caring about the appearance of their hometown? 

The overflowing trash cans at the Broadway Plaza have been that way for days.

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 13.46.56

The six to eight trash cans lined up against the buildings in that shopping center were full of trash like these two for almost a week. They were finally emptied today, Sunday. 


CNB'S LAST WORD: The Green generation blames everything environmentally wrong with the world ON modern technology yet these same individuals are some of the worst litterbugs in modern-day history; as shown in the photos above. They need to step up if things are going to improve.  

Adding to the deterioration of our neighborhoods here and elsewhere is that one person who leaves their dog's bark all day why they go off to work without any consideration of those who have to listen to the constant noise. That one person who doesn't cut their grass or clear the sidewalk from in front of their homes. That one person who leave their empty trash cans in front of their house all week. 

Would it be too hard for the Public Works Department to pick up grocery carts when they see them laying about instead of driving by them? How about the Housing Office, can't they cite businesses for not disposing properly of their trash. The trash in front of those stores is a health hazard; why didn't they get cited by local agencies.   They didn't get that way overnight. Our City wants to attract people to come here and live, along with developers, investors, and businesses. But that will never happen until those living here, from top to bottom start caring about the appearance of their home, their neighborhood, and their city. 


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published | SEPT 2020

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