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Businesses say yes to online PR strategies - Eric J Dalius suggests the best ideas


( 2, 2020)--Are you a business owner? If yes, then you, by now, must have faced immense challenges to promote your business. Yours could be a small or medium-sized business or a start-up venture, but 2020 so far has been a year of limitations for business promotions. We still have to follow partial lockdowns and stay-at-home orders to flatten the pandemic curve. That is not all! With social distancing being the order of the day, business owners think twice before arranging media conference or any other promotional event. The only respite currently is opt-in for the online PR strategies to stay in the game and enhance the brand recall value.

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Smart online PR ideas

Most customers and users are spending more time online. Hence, business owners can leverage this user browsing trend and count on online PR activities to bring their brand's name at the forefront. Eric J Dalius, a leading entrepreneur, suggests the following online PR ideas for business owners in this COVID-19 phase. 

  1. Reputation management

Currently, business owners are not in a stage where they can initiate an aggressive online PR campaign. The market is moving at a slow pace because it is recovering from the pandemic outbreak gradually. Hence, business houses should try and stay afloat during this time. According to EJ Dalius, one of the best ways to do that is through reputation management. Brands need to check whether there are any negative reviews or feedback about their brand.

Every business has some amount of negative reviews. If there are reviews and feedback that you feel might hurt sales and business expansion, this is the best time to address it. That way, a brand can maintain a positive reputation.  

  1. Issue online press releases

Press conferences are one of the best ways to share company updates and informative news. Usually, brands arrange for a press conference for the following reason:

  • There is a new product or service launch. 
  • The brand wants to discuss its marketing plans for the current year. 
  • The brand has earned a globally acclaimed award for any relevant vertical. 
  • The brand has initiated a corporate governance project and wants to share details with the media.
  • The brand wants to clear its stance owing to a crisis.

Today, your business brand can issue an online press release on relevant websites, highlighting ways to combat COVID-19. It will help the target customers, and others learn about your brand. Additionally, you might also witness an increase in organic traffic.

  1. Live sessions or video messages from senior management

Since most people are currently viewing more of online content, it is a smart idea to conduct live sessions featuring your brand's senior management. You can request the managing director or CEO to address the public and emphasize the relevance of staying safe. Eric Dalius says that it will make your customers feel counted and acknowledged. You can publish this content in video format as well on your website and social media page.

The best online PR objective for various business brands currently is to stay in the news. Since the frequency of job cuts and brand shutdowns increases, you need to ensure that your customers know your business brand is functional.


image courtesy of unsplash