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5 Factors That Will Drive The Popularity Of Online Sports Betting 


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(September 21, 2020)--Although sports betting has existed in many parts of the world since then, it was on May 14, 2018, that the U.S. legalized sports betting across many states. It leads to adding eleven more states on the list like New York, Nevada, and New Jersey. Moreover, other states are still under pending legislation and might find the light at the end of the tunnel.  


With this, better days are coming talking about the future of sports betting. Today, you can see that most notable sports have existed not only because of the players but because of the massive betting on games. It brings the fans, bettors, participants, the whole sporting organization into a win-win situation. 


Hence, online betting has also played a great role in providing efficiency to all sports bettors. With a tap on your mobile, you can download a betting app and gamble right away. But, how will online betting look in the future, and what are the things that will drive its growth? Below are the factors that will surely influence its popularity in the coming years. 

Mobile Gaming Is The New Trend

In the past, we can see an influx of sports bettors in casino and poker places. It requires everyone to be physically present to gamble in the slot machines, playing poker cards, or even betting in sports. Today, as the use of smartphones became a necessity, the sports betting industry has made a new trend of forming online sportsbooks that you can gamble through mobile gaming. 


Preakness Stakes 2020 odds, wagering on the NFL, and gambling on the NBA are common sports that you can see in many online sportsbooks. Many punters find this to be more attractive and interactive since they are only required to register, deposit funds, and play.  There is no need to go to the venue to see the whole sporting tournament.

Virtual Reality Slots Are Growing 

There is a huge possibility that bettors tend to slack off when they think that the sports betting industry has reached its peak when it comes to innovations. With this, they step into the scene right away to introduce a new feature that will all prove them wrong. As mentioned, traditional sports betting is settling on-site, but today, Virtual Reality is making an impact. 


This type of sports betting innovation allows every bettor to gamble their favorite sports like they are in the venue. For example, in a casino where you stand in front of the slot machine, whether you adjust your coins or lay it all, Virtual Reality allows you to experience this. 

Voice, Gesture, And Facial Recognition Are Slowly Incorporated

When a specific sports betting app introduces prominent features to bettors, probably voice, gesture, and facial recognition are the top choice. These days, there might be betting apps that allow you to log in by speaking your password. Others might be through facial recognition or specific gestures. 


For bettors who do not want to tap everything, these features are helpful. As sports betting continues to grow nowadays, we can expect that a lot of bookies will slowly incorporate these features to make your gambling game more efficient. That said, serving two masters at the same time is possible as you can do the things you like without missing your favorite sports betting games. 

Full Legalization Of Sports Betting 

As mentioned, more than half of the American has legalized sports betting. It means that the most popular sports to the least one are allowed to conduct betting games. With its full legalization, it will also pave the way for all sports to grow and discover other types of betting games that will help every gambler to earn more. 


Although some of the states are still on a pending approval, they are heading the right way. If all the American states legalize sports betting, then other countries across the globe might also do the same. If this happens, mobile betting will also be in-demand since most of us rely on our phones. 

Utilization Of Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is the new norm these days when it comes to making an online transaction. As online sports betting continues to grow today, bookies must make sure they include cryptocurrencies as their payment options. Starting from deposit to withdrawal, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin must take place anytime, anywhere.


Although many sportsbooks are still settling for traditional forms of payment today, cryptocurrency might replace this trend in the near future. It is because a lot of modern punters can form a high degree of anonymity getting away from fraudsters, which traditional payment systems do not offer. 


Online betting is undoubtedly the next big thing in the gambling industry, and it will continue to grow even better as technology improves more. Since its existence, the sports betting industry has not only grown in revenue but also popularity. Hence, if you want to get away from the additional whirl you get when betting on sports, online betting is something you should consider.