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10 Ways To Empower Yourself Through Your Natural Hair

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(September 21, 2020)--Black Lives Matter has been trending on social media the last few months but it is beyond Black Out Tuesday and hashtags. The movement has helped gain awareness for racism all over the world – not just police crime but just in our everyday lives. In the workplace, at college, amongst our friends, there are so many ways we can help empower black people and help them feel more equal. The fight is far from over.

Waiting for the world to become aware is one thing, but you can empower yourself by embracing your roots, your history but also your future. One of the things that grab attention is natural hair and it’s easy to feel self-conscious. Now is a better time than any to embrace it. Today, there are even Instagram artists drawing ladies with natural hair to help empower you, it is more than motivated to love your natural hair.

Learn To Look After Your Hair

On your journey to loving your natural hair, it’s important to learn how to look after it. All hair types need a specifically-tailored hair care routine, and natural hair is no different. Opt for products in which the ingredients are natural and hydrating for your hair. Wave goodbye to harsh chemicals, and you’ll soon see the difference – we want to see the before and after!

Another thing you can do to make sure your hair is hydrated and luscious is keeping hydrated yourself – drinks lots of water and get your dose of vitamins. A healthy body leads to healthy hair.

Prevent Breakage

We all suffer from it, but natural hair is even more prone to breakage. Especially if in the past you’ve used relaxers or other chemical treatments. They are harsh on the hair and can make it brittle. Your hair is a dead material, and unfortunately, there is no miracle solution for split ends! Trim your ends regularly and get rid of damaged hair so that your hair is feeling fresh and healthy. Hair breakage is the most common cause of hair loss so limit the damage with regular trims.

Protective Hairstyles

There are so many fun, protective hairstyles you can rock to look after your natural hair. Space buns, low buns, the pineapple – whatever your style, there’s a hairstyle to match. Up your hair A-game and experiment with playful looks. Be sure to not tie your hair too tight, or you’ll face that long-dreaded breakage again!

Stay Away From Heat Tools

Heat tools are one of the main reasons for dry and lackluster hair – break the cycle! Drop the straighteners and embrace the natural look. High temperatures will cause serious damage – if you just have to use heat styling tools, then make sure to take measures to minimize the damage. Heat protection spray will become your ally in these cases. The safest way to style your hair is by avoiding heat altogether, but we know that sometimes the temptation is too strong!


We said a healthy body leads to healthy hair earlier – and we don’t just mean in Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 19.55.50our diets. Exercise reduces stress, which means that one of the reasons your hair may break could be eliminated! A bit of yoga or a quick run around the neighborhood can make you feel energized and your hair will soon thank you for it. A good and balanced lifestyle will balance out the rest!

Detangle Your Hair

Don’t tug your hair with a hefty hairbrush. It’ll break your hair and force it to break. Instead, use a comb to detangle your safely whilst limiting damage. Mix coconut oil and water in a spray bottle and spritz your hair before detangling for a nourishing treatment.

Don’t Over-wash Your Hair

Hands up if you’re guilty of over-washing your hair? Yup, knew it! Over-washing your hair will only dry it out more and strip it of its natural oils. The advantage of having natural hair is that you don’t have to wash as often as other hair types. Once every week or every two weeks should do the trick! When you do wash it, use chemical-free products containing natural ingredients such as coconut oil. Your hair will feel seriously pampered, and the products you use will strengthen it! Bold, natural curls in minutes!

Another tip is to not wash your hair in boiling water. In the chilly winter months, we all know a soak in a steaming bath or shower helps us wake up in the morning. However, your hair won’t appreciate it as much as you do. Hot water can cause breakage, so use lukewarm water to soothe your hair. You’ll soon see your hair shining again!

Deep Condition

When you do wash your hair, use the opportunity to deep condition your hair. Create homemade hair masks and lather it in your hair and leave to nourish your hair. Its food for the hair – avocado, honey, banana, and even olive oil can help condition your hair and give it its oomph back! You will be stunned by the results!

Sweet Dreams

Another tip to avoid breakage is timeless – change your bedding, or at least your pillowcases. Cotton tends to tug your hair when you’re moving in your sleep. Instead, opt for smooth bedding made in silk or viscose, and tie your hair up into a pineapple style or in a silk scarf before going to sleep. Your hair will elegantly glide along with the pillowcase without any damage at all. You’ll soon see that when you brush your hair the next morning, you’ll be losing less and less as time goes on.

Natural Oils

Last but not least, use natural oils to enhance your hair’s condition. Your hair will be shiny and bouncy. Add oil to the end of your strands and work your way up. We recommend coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil or castor oil, all known for their repairing powers, you won’t believe your eyes!


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