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10 Ideas for Selling Your House

By: Eric Reyes

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(Gloucestercitynews.net)(September 8, 2020)--Selling a home? Prepare for several weeks of planning, prepping, discussing, and waiting. On average, homes sit on the market 92 days before they sell. After the home sells, it can take several more weeks to close the deal. Many sellers want their homes sold and out of their hands as quickly as possible. With the 10 tips listed below, you can significantly reduce the amount of time your home is on the market before it sells.


1- Presentation


Presentation is important when selling a home, yet many sellers neglect it. Buyers know within a matter of seconds if they’ll buy your home. Set an impression the moment they walk in the door to up the ante!


2- Fix It


Damages may cause your home to sit on the market longer. Most buyers want a move-in ready home. As such, repair any structural damage to the home before putting it on the market. Whether it’s a new water heater or flooring, you’ll sell the home two times faster if it is in move-in condition.


3- Competitive Pricing


Competitively priced homes sell faster. Provide buyers with a deal they cannot refuse and watch as someone swoops your home away. Research prices of homes in the area and neighborhood and price your home accordingly.


4- Clean it Up


Do not allow potential buyers to walk into a home with any personal effects remaining. Once you’ve moved from the home, you’re gone and so should all personal effects. Once you've depersonalized the home, clean it up. You'd be surprised how much a swipe of the counters or sweeping the floor can improve the appearance of the home.


5- Find a Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents take care of the entire home sales process, working on a commission basis they receive after the home sells. If you don't mind paying this fee (which averages 10% - 20%) hire an agent. They know the real estate market and certainly save sellers time and money. Consider using a real estate agent's services if selling the home on your own proves troublesome.


6- Advertise the Home


How will the home ever sell if no one knows the home is up for grabs? Take advantage of as many avenues to market the home as possible. Many free and low-cost options exist. Social media, newspaper ads, and online ads are the best ways to advertise. Don't forget how well word of mouth gets the news out.


7- Reduce the Price


Has the home sat on the market for weeks already without any interest? Maybe it’s time for a price reduction. You may have reservations about reducing the price, but sometimes it is worth taking a small cut when it means getting the house sold and off the market. Perhaps the deal wasn't as good as you originally thought and a simple price reduction is all it takes to move the home.


8- Landscaping


Sure, it'd be nice if Martha Stewart gave a helping hand at our home landscaping. But, since it is unlikely she'll knock on the front door, take matters into your own hands. Add a flower bed, cut the grass, and pull the weeds from the lawn. A well-manicured lawn impresses onlookers so the home isn't sitting on the market any longer than necessary.


9- Kitchens Sell Homes


The kitchen is the most important room in a home. Devote as much time to renovating this room as possible. The sleeker the kitchen, the easier selling the home becomes. If you cannot afford an entire overhaul, simple upgrades like new hardware or cabinet doors improve the overall appeal of the room.


10- Use a Quick Sale Company

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Quick sale companies purchase homes for cash as little as one week. They buy homes in all areas and all conditions, even those fixer-uppers. They take care of the closing costs and the paperwork, eliminating the need to hire a real estate agent, market the home, or wait around. Reach out to a quick sale company when selling fast is important. They buy any house that you need to sell for a fair price.


About the Author:

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