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Will The Rise of Online Bingo Have an Effect on Philly’s Bingo Halls?



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(AUGUST 26, N2020)Philadelphia is renowned for having an abundance of bingo halls, with the pastime being hugely popular in the city and surrounding area. Indeed, there are countless options for lovers of the game, from Wellington Hall to Bustleton Bingo. With online bingo on the rise, though, these physical locations could be at risk of losing a lot of business if they don’t move forward with the changing landscape in the industry. Bingo hall owners need to examine why the industry has boomed so much on the internet, and investigate ways to replicate its success. 

How Did the Internet Change Bingo?

In the pre-internet days, the only people who could play bingo were those who had a bingo hall in their vicinity. This made it quite a niche pastime, played by a narrow demographic of people within the bingo hall’s community. The game became associated with middle aged women and pensioners, and few men or youngsters ever took part. They perhaps didn’t feel as though the locations catered to their needs, or maybe felt embarrassed to enter a place which they didn’t feel was designed for them. 

In the internet age, developers and bingo site operators have taken the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again. They want bingo to be an attractive option for a vast range of players of all ages and genders. The concept of the game remains the same, but there are exciting and innovative ways of playing it which include themes. Players select the theme which appeals to them most, with options based on classic films like Grease, or historical games based on ancient Greek gods. 

In addition to having a much wider selection of bingo games than land based locations, online bingo sites have other options for players to take part in such as jackpot bingo online. These include slot games like Bounty Raid and Rhino Rampage. 

What Can Philly’s Bingo Halls do to Keep up?



It is clear that the modus operandi of online bingo sites is to serve up variety which is designed to appeal to the widest range of people possible. Bingo halls in Philly and the surrounding area need to look at the ways bingo sites do this and replicate them. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing clientele to their digital counterparts. 

Using social media to advertise, spots like the Aramingo Bingo Hall and Boulevard Bingo Hall could market themselves to younger players and men as well. They could do this by bringing in special themed bingo nights, taking inspiration from the themes found online. In addition, it could be beneficial to install some slot machines and even some table casino games like roulette which appeal to different demographics. People may come for a particular game and then stay for the bingo. 

The internet has transformed numerous industries and has often left physical businesses bankrupt. Just look at the rise of Netflix and the decline of Blockbuster as a prime example. If brick and mortar bingo sites in Philly don’t take inspiration from their online counterparts, they may fall behind and become obsolete.