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Why Is Kratom Research Important?



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( 7,2020)--Mitragyna speciosa - also known as Kratom, is a plant species belonging to the coffee family and grown natively in Southeast Asian countries. The leaves of this plant are used in medicine due to its opioid characteristics and stimulant effects. People in Asia have been using Kratom leaves as medicines, healing wounds, and treatment of intestinal infections. 


Many people believe that it is useful for the treatment of pain and opioid addiction. However, the benefits of kratom leaves are yet to be proved. Kratom's use has expanded to the United States and Europe, despite the ban on Kratom's sale. Kratom is sold in powdered form across America, and you can buy AuthenticKratom now. 


Kratom Plant


The Kratom plant remains evergreen throughout the year and grows up to 100 feet in height and 3 feet in diameter. Its leaves are dark green and shiny, and it has oval-shaped leaves that grow with flowers on its branches. 


Kratom plant does not expand its leaves too wide which remains evergreen in all the seasons and weather conditions. The plants of Kratom are indigenous to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

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Uses of Kratom


Its use has already been debated on various forums around the world. Some people advocate the use of Kratom, whereas others object on its use and comment against the use of this plant without clinical trials. However, the use of Kratom is continuously increasing day to day in Asia, Europe, and even in the United States. 


In some South Asian countries, people are using Kratom in smoking, chewing, added to tea for taste, or used in pills. Most of the people believe that the use of Kratom can boost energy, relieve muscular pain, and increase sexual desires. It works as a mood enhancer and takes away exhaustion. 


Even in some states of the United States, people are using Kratom as a recreational drug, getting rid of heroin, depression, cough, anxiety, and other medical conditions. However, there is no proven evidence for the use of this medicine. 


FDA is continuously warning people against the use of Kratom or any of the products containing it as an ingredient. The Food and Drug Administration Authority is associating severe side effects of this plant without any proven research or clinical trials. So, it would be unfair to label Kratom as potentially dangerous and harmful without any evidence.


How Does Kratom Work?


Kratom leaves carry a chemical known as mitragynine, which makes opioid-like effects and similar to drugs like codeine and morphine that helps to relieve pain. The uses and side effects of this plant depend on the amount of dose taken by an individual. Till now, there are no studies conducted that support or provide information on the dosage of Kratom. However, the study of historical data reveals that people used to take this medicine in a small amount to treat various diseases. For example, people used to take a pinch of kratom powder with a glass of water to treat tapeworms and intestine infections in daily life. 


Why Is Kratom Research Important?


Different studies have been started on Kratom across the world to find its effectiveness and possible dangers it poses when consumers. However, it hasn't gone through any clinical trials in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has not allowed the sale of Kratom in the United States, as no evidence is available about the safe use of this product. 


Kratom has been in use in the Southasian region for decades, and people are taking advantage of it in their daily life. It has been in use in this region as herbal medicine, and its results as a herbal medicine compel researchers to dig more into the details of this plant to find out possible benefits. However, westerns are reluctant to spend some time and money for research despite the surge in the use of Kratom in the western world. 


There is a need to examine the ingredients of this plant chemically to study its compounds and results should be reviewed on its use. Its psychoactive properties need to be tested and how can it improve brain functioning and affect the central nervous system. This plant consists of two primary alkaloids, i.e. 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine, which gives enough reasoning to the researchers to conduct their research. 


Though two alkaloids of Kratom have been under examination for a long time, it didn't bring any real results, and the primary reason for the reluctance of researchers to carry research on this plant is due to its ban to use in the United States and Europe. 


FDA should allow the use of Kratom so that research on the use of this plant could be conducted which may lead to opening new possibilities and may improve the behavior of people with its use. 


There is a need for relative studies on various diseases and the impact of Kratom on the health of individuals, whether results are positive or negative to reach any conclusion. There are varieties of species of kratom plants, and each has different characteristics. You can find numerous species of Kratom varying in color and strains. It is vital to study the various components of each species of Kratom and find out how it helps the users. 


Some studies show that the use of Kratom for anti-depression and withdrawal from heroin is useful, and many people have recommended its use for mood changers and relaxation. It requires specialized testing and experimentation by the researchers to examine its effects on human beings. 


The Kratom in raw form, powder, or capsules is available for sale across the United States through websites and online stores despite the ban by FDA. There is a dire need to research the use of Kratom. We support research on the botanical and chemical agents of this plant on the animals before experimentation on human beings. If you are looking to buy quality kratom products, you can search the internet to find a reliable source.


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