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What To Look For In A Phone VPN

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Phone VPNs are in demand. Whether you have privacy concerns, concerns about being hacked or you want to stream content blocked in your country or region, a VPN could well be the solution needed. VPNs or virtual private networks create an encrypted tunnel masking your IP and location, allowing data to stream both ways safely. They bounce the information around servers across the world to provide an additional layer of security.

Not every VPN is suited to all tasks, however, so how do you choose the right one? This post will help.

Check VPN Reviews

It is a good idea to check VPN service reviews and to read them thoroughly. For example, as stated, some are good at hiding your identity while others are good at streaming content. Getting one that can stream Netflix but isn’t great at hiding your IP address or vice versa is not good if you wanted it to be the other way round. So check out reviews before you buy.

Go for Double Encryption for Security

Encryption on every VPN is strong. Double encryption is even stronger, offering 2048-bit encryption. This provides the added benefit that should someone, somehow, manage to access your data it will be unintelligible.

For additional security, look out for features such as DNS leak protection, automated HTTPS redirection, and a kill switch. The latter keeps your encrypted data secure should you suffer a connection drop.

Streaming Content

If your primary use is to stream content to your region, then ensure your VPN offers several protocols. Many content providers can now detect when a VPN is deployed and block the content.

Accessing content from your home country is useful if you travel on business or out of the country for long periods. You don’t lose pace with your favourite shows as you still get to watch them.

Some countries have outright banned VPN use so bear this in mind if you are in one of these countries as penalties for use can be severe.

Ensure Device Compatibility

Not all devices are compatible with each VPN service. Some configurations can be done at the router level allowing for widespread connectivity while others limit the number of connected devices. Compatibility really becomes an issue if you are looking for privacy, as one device may offer a secure network, but another may offer none.

Check this out thoroughly before purchase.


If your demands are heavy such as gaming or streaming 4K content speed is going to be an issue. VPN’s bounce signals around the world and invariably this slows down data transfer speed. If speed is a factor in your VPN use, one with lots of servers will allow you to configure your VPN to use the fastest ones.

You may want to check out a specialised VPN service for speed. Again, thorough research is needed before purchase, and remember for streaming content you need one that offers several protocols to get around geo-blockers.

VPNs are arguably essential for secure browsing. You must do your research before purchase to ensure you have one that is right for you.