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What is the perfect way to smoke weed - a guide for the first-timer


( 19, 2020)--For the first-timers, the entire process of weed-smoking may seem very confusing. Various questions might pop up in their minds that might push each time they think about weed smoking. Now there are two aspects one must know about how to inhale weeds and the different methods of consumption.


The proper method of inhaling marijuana weeds Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.16.52


If a person is a first-time smoker, then inhaling the smoke in the mouth might lead to coughing. You need to bring the smoke deep into the lungs by inhaling it. To inhale, all a person has to do is take a deep breath. That is when one feels the smoke slowly tricking down the throat and gradually fill the lungs. Along with the smoke, you must bring in a little fresh air also.


There is no need to hold the breath for long. Just inhaling deeply and giving a short pause and then releasing it is all that is needed. It would create the much-needed effect that you may desire. The time for which you may hold it varies from person to person. 


One common mistake first-timers make is swallowing it rather than inhaling it. It may cause vomiting and also a bad stomach.


There is the problem of coughing and burning of throat among first-timers. You can correct it in a few easy steps


Small quantity: One should always start with small amounts. Often to impress peers, take big hits, which might cause irritation and coughing. So rather than influencing others, it’s good to play it safe.


Use water filters: Water filters come in various shapes and sizes. Right from Bongs to bubblers, all are primarily available, which make use of water in a small handle attached to it. The heat released is cooled down by the effect of the water on it.

Avoid smoking while coughing: One should abstain from smoking while feeling choked, as this may aggravate the situation. The best way is to take a pause, ease oneself, and then again continue.


Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.18.10Method of using a joint effectively


The old fashioned joints found are still in trend and considered to be the first choice of smokers. You can buy weed online to get good quality at reasonable rates. Rolling, the joint is the first step to get a good smoke. You have to be very careful; keeping in mind that marijuana should not fall out.


Second, lighting the joint is another level where it is roasting the end of it. You can rotate the joint while lighting it. It creates a roasting effect. You can even take small hits after this, as it is most desirable. You should inhale slowly and try to hold the breath for short periods before releasing it. It helps to get the pleasure one wants to derive from it.


By following the steps mentioned above, it becomes more comfortable for the first-timers to enjoy their weed to the fullest. It would be best if you were careful about excessive smoking as marijuana might have adverse effects on the heath in the long run.