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(AUGUST 25, 2020)--Though they have tried time and time again to defend and debunk the carcinogen health claims that their talcum powder product has faced, it has been to no avail. Johnson & Johnson have officially been forced to cease the sale of talcum baby powder due to overwhelming asbestos claims.

But now that the greatest offending product from the talcum sphere has been dealt with, who or what remains in the fight against asbestos exposure and its cancerous implications? 

More products than you might realize, most of which you are probably using right at home, and not just for your baby. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


Thanks to its moisture-absorbing properties, talc is oftentimes used in cosmetic products such as foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and even face masks. Considering the fact that the #1 priority for anyone who uses make-up is the product’s resistance to moisture throughout the day, this is to be expected. 

However, are cosmetic products just as carcinogen as baby powder? Researchers would tend to say no. 

Given the fact that talcum powder is usually used in abundant amounts around the body, the risk of inhaling any potential asbestos particles is enhanced tenfold. 

Make-up, on the other hand, is used sparingly, applied with great care, and is only used on the upper side of the body, so the links to ovarian cancer that talcum powder involves are automatically debunked in this case.

“What options are there if I want to be as talc-free as possible” you may ask. Well, that is up to you. Just like with any other chemical substance in make-up, reading the label is vital before purchasing the product. If you find that the product you intend on buying contains traces of talc, then a branded alternative that does not use any talc in its compound might be worth prioritizing. 


Dry Shampoo

Among other common household products, talc can also be found in everyone’s favorite alternative to regular shampoo. 

Beyond all of the possible health risks it can bring to your scalp, such as fungal overgrowth and seborrheic dermatitis, dry shampoo, when overused, can potentially yield the same carcinogen results as talcum powder would. 

Due to its factor of pure convenience, dry shampoo has become a fast and reliable hair-washing substitution that is all too easy to abuse. Its spray-like nature essentially covers your hair in a cloud of talc and asbestos, so beyond all the damage you might be causing to your hair, you could also be exposing yourself to harmful carcinogen cells – and you might not even know it. 

Therefore, what is the alternative? Fortunately, the digital marketplace is full of talc-free alternatives to the regularly branded dry shampoos, and they could prove even healthier for your hair, seeing as the absence of talcum powder also means no chalky build-up along your hair strands. Quite a win-win scenario. 



Yup, especially them. Deodorants are probably the most expected item on this list, seeing as talcum powder is designed to do exactly what a deodorant’s purpose is by definition – to prevent and retain moisture for a set amount of time after application. Depending on how frequently you use them, they can quickly become a health hazard before you even realize it. 

But thankfully, the alternative is quite easy to seek out. The internet is chock full of organically manufactured deodorants that are 100% talcum free, aluminum free, as well as being ethically sourced, vegan, and cruelty free. 

It is highly encouraged to resort to a natural deodorant. You are not only saving yourself from the pitfalls of asbestos-resulted lung or ovarian cancer, but you’re also doing your part in saving the environment, by supporting brands that prioritize the good of the community above all else. 


What About My Rights as a Customer?

Product alternatives aside, everyone should have access to the help they require if they have already been victimized by the imminent health risks of any talc-containing product available on the market. 

As such, a talcum powder lawyer would be more than interested in supplying you with the necessary counsel and tools for you to receive the emotional and financial compensation you deserve for your troubles. 

Regardless of what action you take against talc and its presence in our daily lives, it is important to know that there are alternatives to all your worries – be they products that do not attack your health, or people who genuinely care about your struggles. 


image courtesy of unsplash.com