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Solving the Opioid Crisis with Addiction Treatment

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( 31, 2020)--Today, government agencies, communities, and various healthcare systems have joined hands to resolve the opioid crisis and overdoses. There is more to do than merely treating those people who are addicted to opioids. It is also essential to ensure that individuals who don't have an opioid disorder don't get affected. Many medical professionals often prescribe heavy pain medications that have several after-effects. It is necessary to address that using precise prescription monitoring and enhanced pain management. 

Understanding the opioid crisis

Today, the illicit opioids such as imported fentanyl and heroin are more prevalent than ever. It is necessary to bring down the supply of such substances by implementing legal initiatives. It is also required to address the reasons for which people opt-in for opioids is also crucial. That way, one can know the root cause of the addiction and try and curb it down at the root. Some of the leading methadone clinics near you are trying to research on this and gain useful perspectives. 

Today, there are numerous research and studies to avert drug usage by addressing the several factors which maximize its consumption. Studies by HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD)that get partially funded examine how the human brain can develop from infancy to early adolescence stages. And assessing the impacts of fetal drug exposures, mental ailments, challenging environments, and genetics can help researchers understand how the risk factors function in making one vulnerable to substance use disorders.

The prevention programs

Today, there are several kinds of prevention programs and all address the risk factors associated with the opioid crisis. Also, the programs bolster aspects like peer relationships, self-control, and various other age-related skills. All these kinds of resilience might make a difference in a person’s life when they encounter opportunities where they have a choice to use drugs. The prevention program can start in the prenatal stage as well. For instance, there can be an intervention where the trained nurses offer smart guidelines to first-time mothers concerning their pregnancy. That aside, there are various other treatments available today. 

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The methadone clinics and treatments offered

Today, the methadone clinics provide a couple of treatments to address and resolve the opioid crisis and overdose. The medication-assisted treatment (MAT) process with methadone gets used along with evidence-based behavioral therapy. Here methadone, which is the medication, can bring down the frequency of withdrawal symptoms as a person refrains from using opioids. It also helps to curb the savings at the time of the detox and the entire recovery process that offers the addicts a greater scope to stay sober. Other than behavioral treatment and MAT, there's addiction education, personal counseling, and group counseling.

Methadone is one of the initial medications approved by the FDA to resolve opioid addiction. It gets used by the methadone clinics and other rehab centers and dates back to the 1950s. The medication got used for treating illicit drugs like heroin. However, recently it gets used for treating an individual addiction to the prescribed opioids. 

You can consume methadone as a capsule and liquid form, and you can get it after submitting a prescription. It gets regulated by the federal government. And unlike many other medications that get filled in a pharmacy, here you might have to visit an authentic methadone clinic for getting the correct dosage. 

Methadone clinics offer long-term treatment for the opioid crisis.

Akin to the treatments prevalent in the suboxone clinics, the treatments present in the methadone clinics usually depend on every individual's requirement. There are a couple of formal aspects of every program, monitoring and dosing get customized. The group and therapy counseling are standard irrespective of the methadone clinic that a person visits. Few methadone clinics offer residential care that is much like an addiction rehab. The others are provided majorly for outpatient services.

When a patient is in the detox phase at methadone clinics, they get monitored closely. It helps the clinic professionals to ensure that they are safe at the time of the withdrawal stage. It might take almost a week or even a month based on the person’s condition. At times, the patient gets treated with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) during the detox phase and the entire treatment process. It allows the addicts to manage their cravings, anger, and anxiety in the recovery stages. The compact treatment addresses the physical requirements of an addict recovering to their mental and emotional health. It also helps to avoid any relapses that take place.

Treating drug addiction, substance abuse, and opioid crisis takes time and dedicated effort. The methadone clinics use a range of therapy both for short and long-term to treat patients correctly. The objective is to understand the root cause of the issue and heal it so that the patients develop a new way of living life that doesn't depend on opioid addiction to thrive and function.