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Why should small businesses opt-in for cost-efficient marketing ideas? Inputs by Ej Dalius
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Small businesses and product promotions - Ej Dalius highlights affordable marketing ideas


(AUGUST 25, 2020)--Are you a small business entrepreneur? If yes, then you will resonate with the issue with limited cash. Typically, small businesses start with specific savings and keep spending to launch the company officially. It takes time to earn Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.34.14revenues, good profits, and a favorable ROI. Hence, the small business firms keep spending from their minimal savings for their marketing, branding, and promotional activities. Currently, when the world is suffering from a pandemic, small businesses need to get back to business and start operating. For this, it is necessary to promote their existing products using pocket-friendly marketing tactics.

Why does Eric J Dalius think product promotion is essential? 

Our economy is still recovering from market instabilities caused by the global pandemic. Several companies had to stop operations for a while and resume their business sometime back, as the unlock phase started. It has brought the sales figures down and has also made small businesses miss meaningful business opportunities. According to Eric J Dalius, small business owners should follow wise product promotion through cost-effective marketing ideas. The best strategies to add to the mix are:

Eric Dalius and Email marketing

Even in 2020, when the world has access to advanced marketing tactics, email marketing is crucial. Ideally, it would be best to consider those people for your email marketing campaign, who have shared their email id with you. It indicates that these customers are interested to hear from you and wouldn't call your email marketing texts spam. Create a clutter-free, correct, and informative email about the product you want to promote and share the following inputs:

  • The product
  • The offer you are currently offering
  • The salient points and uses
  • A CTA (Call to Action) suggesting the user purchase a product or download the newsletter
  • Your website URL
  • Your social media page

Mobile marketing works

Whether your users are at home or have joined the office temporarily, they will check their mobile phones several times a day. Eric Dalius says that people exchange emails and conduct other business activities through their Smartphone devices. You might need to pay a service provider for a minimal amount for mobile marketing, which you can afford in the pandemic phase. Make sure that the mobile marketing text is short, crisp, and informative.  

  • Local media coverage

When a brand gets written about in the local newspapers, it helps many people know about its product and purchase it. People attach ample importance to local media coverage. You can opt-in for the paid editorial stories if you want. However, if you wish to this free of cost, keep in touch with the local media professionals. You can pitch them an industry story about your niche and place your brand's product. It will ensure that the media story isn't a paid-for stand-alone news article. Ej Dalius says when people see your brand written amongst other brands, they add more value to your brand. It helps in boosting sales and organic traffic as well. 

It would be best if you found out the best strategies to market your products cost-effectively. It will help to maximize your brand visibility and enhance brand value.