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Representatives from the DRPA, PATCO and SunPower Corp.Unveil Solar Energy Project

Representatives from the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) and SunPower Corporation gathered with public officials at PATCO’s Ashland Station on Wednesday, August 5 to officially unveil plans and highlight work to date for the 22-megawatt (mw) solar energy project – one of the largest transportation-related alternative energy initiatives in the Greater Philadelphia region.
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The solar generation technology includes installation of more than 50,000 solar panels along with 133 high-efficiency solar photovoltaic parking canopies at seven sites: PATCO’s Ashland, Lindenwold, Woodcrest and Ferry Avenue Stations; Commodore Barry Bridge, Betsy Ross Bridge and DRPA’s headquarters building, One Port Center.
With an expected 2021 completion date, the project is expected to provide more than 50% of the total electricity consumption through solar energy for the DRPA and PATCO. The initiative is funded through a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) pursuant to which DRPA will purchase all electricity generated by the project. This enables DRPA to purchase the reliable solar-generated electricity at a fixed, pre-determined rate that is lower than the cost of traditional electricity energy typically generated by burning fossil fuels. The Authority is expected to save up to $12 million over the 20-year term.
“This monumental solar initiative demonstrates DRPA’s commitment to providing world-class transportation services that create significant savings, and added value for the public,” said John Hanson, DRPA CEO and PATCO President.
The solar technology project will generate an estimated 22-megawatts (mw) of electricity through a combination of ballasted flat roof mounts, and solar canopies over parking, storage and work areas. All PATCO sites will feature high-efficiency solar photovoltaic parking canopies, which will provide customers’ vehicles with protection from the summer sun and inclement weather. 
"With solar generation expected to provide more than 50% of the Authority's total annual electricity requirements, this project will help reduce our carbon footprint, while generating savings and additional value for our riders and drivers."
-Ryan Boyer, DRPA Chairman.
"Today, we're celebrating another way to cross the majestic Delaware River, which is powered by solar energy. This is a huge day for the Delaware Valley."
-Jeff Nash, DRPA Vice Chairman.