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Protecting Your Home Against Extreme Weather 


Gloucestercitynews.net(August 24, 2020)--Your home is your castle, and you want to do everything you can to protect it. One of the biggest threats to your house is the weather but taking a few simple steps can defend it against the worst excesses of Mother Nature. So, here are a few things you can do to give your home an extra level of protection. 


When strong winds start to pick up, anything that isn’t properly stored or tied down is likely to cause damage or even personal harm. There are all sorts of outdoor shelters and replacement cover kits that are a great starting point. If a storm is brewing, you need to be even more alert for objects that could get blown around such as garden gnomes and potted plants. Now is also a good time to double-check your home insurance situation. Also, you should have any large trees tended to by a professional, or you could even do the job yourself if you are skilled enough. 

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Extreme Cold 

The biggest threat to your home when Jack Frost really starts to bite is frozen pipes. When pipes rupture, water or gas can leak out, causing untold damage to your home. Don’t assume that it is going to be easy to get someone to come out during the cold winter months. Check exposed pipes on a regular basis for signs of frost. It also helps to find out where you can stop the flow of water. You will often find a stopcock in the basement, kitchen, or bathroom that you can turn off.


In recent years, flooding seems to have become more of an issue around the world. Unlike some of the other issues, this is one that is particularly difficult to defend against. Again, this is a situation where home insurance is going to be vital in getting the funds you need to get everything back to normal. There are a couple of preventative steps that you can take, including raising your plug sockets off the floor and using more water-resistant materials in your home improvement projects. 

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As global warming becomes more and more of a problem around the world, it is also worth defending your property against the dangers of extreme heat. You should check for any diagonal cracks on windows or doors that could be a sign that your home is suffering from subsidence. As for any home improvement projects, you should think about mitigating against the heat. Air conditioning may prove to be a worthwhile investment — as are bifold doors that bring the outdoors in. This may also be the time to give your garden a redesign as you may well be spending a lot more time out there in the future. 

As our world enters a period when extreme weather is more and more likely, now is the time to conduct the kind of improvement projects around the home that will help to protect it in the present and future.