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Norcross Claims He Voted To Protect Democracy/Livelihoods; Record Suggests Otherwise


“Making the claim his vote was to protect the livelihood of anyone is nonsense.”

COLLINGSWOOD – Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, said today it was “shameful” for Congressman Donald Norcross to suggest he Electionvoted in favor of a $25 billion post office bill to “protect our democracy” and “livelihoods” of Americans.

On Saturday Donald Norcross took to social media to say, “Today, I voted to protect not only the US Postal Service but our democracy & the lives & livelihoods of millions of Americans.” He went on to add, “Trump & his Administration’s blatant attempts to undermine our democracy will not go unchecked.”

“I truly wish Donald Norcross would start being honest with the people of the First Congressional District and admit his vote on the $25 billion post office bill had nothing to do with the people he represents and everything to do with continuing to march in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi,” Claire Gustafson said. “The fact is, if Donald Norcross truly cared about protecting our democracy he would use the bully pulpit of his office to demand Governor Murphy allow folks to vote at polling places on voting machines on election day.”

“People are angry the option to vote at a polling place on a machine was taken away from them, Norcross knows it and I know it, the difference is I care and Donald doesn’t.” Gustafson added, “It was only a few months ago the Camden County Clerk mailed VBM applications to all voters in the county with ‘all future elections’ pre-checked. Norcross said nothing because he and his fellow cohorts in the political cartel that rules South Jersey don’t want people exercising their right to vote in the way they prefer. Republicans, on the other hand, called for an investigation.”

Gustafson continued, “Making the claim his vote was to protect the livelihood of anyone is nonsense. Donald Norcross has had years to deliver on the campaign promise he made in 2014 to ‘create thousands of jobs in our region.’ Instead the only thing he delivered was $550 million in tax breaks to his family and friends, all members of the political cartel that rules South Jersey.”

“Anyone who takes an objective look at the record of Donald Norcross knows his weekend vote had nothing to do with protecting democracy or livelihoods and everything to do with protecting the way of life for the political cartel that rules South Jersey. For Donald Norcross to suggest anything else is shameful,” Gustafson said.

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