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Mike Giannulis Explains about Attracting More Customers to Your Bistro

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(August 19, 2020)--Even if you toss up delicious meals at your restaurant, it does not imply that you will have the place full of customers every evening unless people know how great the food and ambiance is. That is the reason why you need additional promotion of your business to pique customer interest so that they come to dine at your restaurant. Once they know about your bistro, love the food and like the ambiance, they will keep coming back to your restaurant, repeatedly.

According to an article published on your https://edition.cnn.com, there are rules to follow to help you make some cool bucks from your food business. With so much competition around, your need to be innovative because the distinctive customer palate is classier than you can imagine. Cuisines such as Mexican and Chinese that were previously perceived as ethnic eats are now considered run-of-the-mill. Then, here are some of the effective ways to attract more customers to your bistro: 

Mike Giannulis supports attracting customers with discounts or happy hours 

We all love deals and discounts. Who doesn’t? When you offer customers an additional benefit or incentive for dining at your bistro for the first time, it is the best opportunity to make them your loyal patrons. An offer of about 15 percent is enough to make customers happy. There are options such as offering two meals for one, one free appetizer, complimentary drinks, or anything else that you can do to make foodies visit your bistro. 

Then, you can make the most out of happy hours to attract more customers to your bistro and enhance sales during the less peak time of the day, especially late afternoons. That is what standard restaurants do, pampering customers during the late afternoon hours, from Monday through Thursday. Usually, happy hours last for an hour or so, depending on when customers visit your bistro. 

Deals on appetizer and drinks are perfect for happy hours. When customers get complimentary drinks and an appetizer when visiting with their friends, they will like the offer and order dinner from your bistro. Even if they are not your regular customers, offering happy hours will make them come back to your bistro. They will become your loyal patrons eventually. 

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Use cool flyers to promote your food business 

There is no point in distributing ordinary flyers to highlight deals, special events, etc. Use smart flyers to pique audience interest and make people read about deals or events to turn them into your customers. You need to highlight something one-off in these flyers because just distributing flyers with your restaurant menu will not help you anymore. 

You can design a small, targeted flyer with a simple brand message and promotional offer to attract more customers. Ensure that your message lasts for 3-5 days at least so that people get the time to use the promo code or offer to dine at your bistro. The offer you mention is up to you and your business requirements. Mike Giannulis thinks it could be a coupon code offering at least a 10 percent to 15 percent discount. Besides appetizers, you can offer free desserts, but one.

Distribute flyers once in seven days because distributing them daily will make people annoyed. That is because most flyers end up in the trash bin. Make sure your present your bistro in a professional manner to reap the benefits. 

Delight customers with birthday emails 

Who does not celebrate birthdays! As they do, they usually celebrate the day by dining at restaurants with their family or friends. Now, it is the best opportunity to attract more customers to your eatery. When customers visit your restaurant, request them to fill out a form with their names, contact numbers, emails, and of course birthday. Once you have these details, send emails to all your customers on their birthdays with some deals or discounted offers. 

You can offer a free drink, appetizer, or a cupcake, or the whole meal at a discounted price. It is the best way to make your customers feel special. They will realize that you remember their birthdays and inviting them to your bistro with special discounts or deals. This way, your existing customers will bring their friends to your bistro, who will become your customers eventually. You can ask marketing experts to design emails and write copy for birthday wishes with discounted deals. 

The key to the success of any restaurant is making people saunter through the front door. Courteous waiters, outstanding customer service, and serving them healthy, delicious food are extremely important if you want repeat customers and loyal patrons, who will keep returning to your bistro repeatedly. There is no point in sending birthday emails if you cannot turn a one-time customer into your loyal patron. Your marketing efforts should be practical and doable. That is what matters for the restaurant business. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.14.08Focus on the special days of a year 

Valentine’s Day, holiday parties, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and sporting events are the days you must focus on to attract more customers to your eatery. People like to dine out on these special occasions, be it Christmas or super bowl. Therefore, you need to advertise that your restaurant has some offers even on these days as well to pamper customers. 

If you are not making the most out of these special events, you will miss sales. Remember that New Year’s Eve, restaurants are bustling with customers, the footfall is high and therefore, even if you offer a discount of 10 percent, it will bring in more customers, sales, and revenues. You will gain new customers too; who delighted with your food will come back again to dine at your restaurant. 

You can also host some cooking classes or themed dinner evenings to attract new customers. They will try the food you serve for the first time and if they like it, you are in luck. You can research on restaurant theme parties or event ideas online. 


Now that you have these tips handy to attract more customers to your bistro, use them smartly and efficiently. Pamper your customers, serve them the best food, offer deals, boost sales, and make money from your food business.