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Measuring the Size of Exterior Doors Oakville

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(Gloucestercitynews.net)(August 4, 2020)--Taking the measurements of your exterior doors isn’t a complicated process as many people think. It is just like taking a few dimensions and doing a few calculations. If you have the right material, all you need to do is measure the height and width of your exterior door. 

After getting the right dimensions, you can go on and buy the right sizes of the doors you need. Here is a  guide from Oakville Windows and Doors on how to measure your exterior doors Oakville. Take a look.

  1. Taking the Door Measurements


a. Measuring The Width Of The Exterior Door

Hold the tape measure along your exterior door from one right side to the left. Ensure that you measure the door only. Don’t include elements such as frame and weather-stripping.

If your door is old, it is recommended to measure the width at three positions; at the top, center, and,  the bottom. Exterior doors Oakville with 30 inches, 32 inches, and 36 inches are said to be ‘standard’.

b.Measuring The Height Of The Door

Hold your tape measure at the top and run it along with the door to the bottom and note the number on a piece of paper. Since the door could be taller than you, it is important to ask for help from a friend. Again, don't measure other elements, but the door only. 

Also, it is recommended to take measurements three-fold; at the right, centre, and left side. If you get different figures from the three measurements taken, always use the highest figure. The average height for standard doors is 80 inches.


c. Measuring The Thickness Of The Exterior Door

Now you know how to measure exterior doors height and width, what about the thickness? To measure the thickness of your exterior doors Oakville, hold your tape measure to the exterior door edge and write down the thickness. Take the measurements of the door frame, also called the jamb. The two figures should not deviate too much from the other. 

Generally, most exterior doors have a thickness of 1.75 inches.

  1. Creating A Diagram


a. Take A Photograph Of Your Door Or Draw It

Place your door in a good view and take a picture. Print it out. When you go shopping for replacement exterior doors Oakville, you should carry this picture along with all the relevant measurements. One way to fulfil this is to have a photograph of your exterior door printed out as an image. In case you don't want to print it out, you can draw a diagram manually using a pen and paper. 


b. Indicate The Swing Direction Of Your Entry Door

Start by opening the door and position yourself in such a way that your back is against the door hinges. If the door is positioned on your right, it is a right-handed door, and the opposite is true. The door can also be either outswing or inswing. Identify all these features and note them on the diagram.

A door is inswing if it opens into a room and outswing if it opens to the outside of the room.

c. Put All The Measurements On The Diagram

Put down the width, thickness and height of your exterior door on your diagram.

d. Carry Your Diagram When You Go Shopping For Replacement Exterior Doors

The main reason why you took time to take measurements for your entry door is that you can get exact sizes of doors that would fit in the existing frame. So, the measurements will make the work of selecting the new replacement windows a little bit easier. You will also save time during door shopping. 

However, note that door sizes aren't the only aspect you would be looking at when shopping for the new replacement entry doors Oakville. You would want to consider the style as well as the material before considering the size. Remember than the size aspect is only essential if you want to use standard doors.