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Marcus Debaise Discusses Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses for Navigating COVID-19


( 3, 2020)The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a challenge not only on a national level but on a global one as well. Due to the fact that most entrepreneurs and business managers have never experienced a crisis like this Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 12.2.29before, coming up with a solution or ways to overcome this situation is quite a challenge. According to, it is important to identify a profitable and popular idea before determining a perfect strategy for your business. Here are some expert marketing tips to help small businesses grow and even thrive despite the distressing COVID-19. 

Demonstrate Empathy in Your Message, Says Marcus Debaise

Visual messages are considered to be more effective as a communication tool compared to words. Ensure that any messages sent are dedicated and relevant to your brand. While coming up with an explanation regarding the way you handled a particular situation during the coronavirus pandemic, consider adopting a relevant tone. Perhaps consider a tone that is an expression of solidarity and conveys that everybody is in this together. It is of utmost importance to continue to practice humility. Practice humility while also conveying the fact that your organization is in full support of your customers.

Marcus Debaise states that almost all individuals are experiencing challenging times, therefore any form of messaging sent must be sent with empathy. It is important to be open and transparent about any setbacks your company may be experiencing as well as any adjustments or modifications being made to operations. It is imperative to avoid delivering empty promises to your consumers as times are uncertain and unfulfilled promises could be detrimental in terms of growth. 

Highlight Ways Your Brand Could Be of Help

A brand story could be effective in attracting potential customers who are in quarantine, especially if your product addresses their needs. You must clarify and highlight your products unique features and potential. Consider enlightening the potential consumers about the value and benefits of your products in the current context. Your consumers will remember your brand because of its utility and performance and not because of any promises made. Simple acts of generosity and kindness would go a long way in winning the support of your customers and your staff during these distressing circumstances. Consider partaking in self-marketing, provided your focus is on assisting people and collaborating with another individual in an attempt to make the current situation better.

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Identify Customers & Leads When Marketing Expenses Are Reasonable & Cheap

It is a well-known fact that COVID-19 has led to the closure of numerous small businesses. Hence, the businesses that have, until now, been able to withstand this economic devastation are exercising extra precautionary measures regarding their expenditures. Due to the fact that there is relatively less competition, the overall cost for every customer acquisition has gone down. In the event that your business is still doing well and generating impressive revenue; you must continue your marketing efforts. Consider focusing on spending your marketing budget especially on campaigns that generate a positive ROI. It is imperative to take advantage of low acquisition costs.


If you could divert your focus, time, dedication, and efforts towards marketing wisely, you could win many more potential customers. You must use this golden opportunity for creating an all-new network of potential customers whom you could consider contacting when become normal again.