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Letters to the Editor: How Come Politicians Are Not Charged for Harboring A Fugitive?

If we regard the word "illegal" and apply it to the letter of law we realize that to call someone "illegal" is to realize that a crime has been committed by the person it is being applied.
If we regard people "sneaking into the country" the media applies the term "undocumented immigrant" to avoid to the use of the term "illegal". Why would they do this word manipulation to confuse and already confusing situation. 
Let us consider that further. If YOU as a citizen, provide resource, aid or assistance, or hide ANY PERSON considered "illegal" or suspect of committing a crime, you are held responsible for "harboring a fugitive" or perhaps "Aiding and abetting a criminal" in furtherance of a crime. 
Why is it that we have "elected politicians" who can provide safe haven, resources and aid such as free healthcare, free education, and other benefits to "illegals" who have committed a crime, without being charged with "harboring fugitives" or "aiding and abetting criminals"? If you did what the people you voted for did, you would be in question and perhaps in jail. Changing the term from "illegal" to "undocumented" doesn't erase that it's a crime and these politicians who support them should be removed from office and perhaps charged accordingly. 

What Has Happened To Our Beloved America?

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