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Letters to the Ed: Union City Teachers and Support Staff Being Forced to Make Life and Death Decision

Letters to ed 3

While the entire school district of Union City is forced to close to keep students and teachers safe, the district is forcing its youngest students to go back in on September 3rd.

Abbott programs and daycares that are not covered by the teachers union have been left to fend for themselves.

A friend of mine is one of those teachers, with a pre-existing condition and over the age of 50, she is given the choice to go teach and risk her life or lose her income. She has taught in the district happily for over 20 years with no health insurance or pension and never complained as have her colleagues.

Parents in the district are being forced to put their kids in the classroom or miss out on key early educational development without a virtual option.  The public needs to know this is happening. There are other teachers like my friend who have dedicated themselves to early childhood development and now find themselves left, quite literally defenseless.


A Union City Resident