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 How to Protect Parcels Before Delivery

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(August 25, 2020)--Parcels need to arrive intact. Your recipients will feel terrible if they see that the items are damaged. Protecting the packages isn't only dependent on your chosen delivery company. You also have to prepare well before sending them out for delivery.

Use a brand-new box

Unless you can find a recyclable delivery box, you shouldn't recycle it. New boxes are useful in protecting the items inside. If used several times, they no longer provide protection as reliable as the first use. Don't hesitate to buy quality containers if you sell fragile items. Paying for another round of delivery is more expensive than investing in a quality box.

Invest in internal packaging

Regardless of the nature of the products you deliver, internal packaging needs to be tough. You need to add foam, bubble wrap, and other layers of protection. Some people even tape the entire product after placing it inside a plastic coating. It’s the best way to guarantee that even if the main box gets damaged, the item inside is intact.

Don’t exceed the maximum weight of the container

You might only consider the size of the items sent relative to the size of the container. However, weight also matters. Even if you’re sending a small item if it’s heavy, you need a bigger and sturdier box. Otherwise, the box will break in transit and damage the items inside. 

Cardboard boxes are still the best

You might feel tempted to use fabric or cloth packing. They look good upon arrival. Recipients will appreciate your effort to present the items creatively. The problem is that these materials are weak and won't protect the things you're going to send. Since the priority is to ensure the items arrive intact and in perfect condition, you should stick with cardboard boxes. They're sturdy and proven to be useful in delivering different items. 

Tightly seal the box

After choosing the perfect box and throwing in extra internal protection, the last step is to seal the box. Even if you’re not sending fragile items, you should still seal the container to prevent damages. Double or triple the external layer of protection if necessary. You might make it harder for the recipient to open the box, but it’s okay. It’s better than failing to send the items in one piece. 

Choose the right partner

Try to send a parcel now with your chosen delivery company and see if the services are good enough. If you felt satisfied with the partnership, you can pursue a long-term delivery service. If you didn't like it, you could always look for other options. Determine how your customers felt with the delivery service. Did the order arrive on time? Were there any issues during transit? Was everything intact? 

Your customers can be honest about how they felt regarding the delivery. If you receive piles of complaints, your business could be at risk of losing more customers. Find a better delivery company so you won’t face such problems.