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How to Choose Stainless Steel Kitchen Table?


( 3, 2020)--The commercial kitchen is a kind of magic laboratory where the culinary wonders are born every day. One of the most important quality indicators of any food establishment is the hygienic safety of food preparation. Choosing the right stainless steel kitchen table, countertops, shelves, etc. is an essential task for businesses to enhance kitchen productivity and efficiency. Manufacturers offer equipment and furniture in many different sizes and with additional options for high-performance and extra functionality — bottom shelf, backsplash, built-in sink. If you have decided on the specific requirements for the commercial tools and equipment, then choosing an appropriate model will be easier.


Stainless steel is the most versatile material, providing maximum cleanliness and the range of other valuable benefits:

  • resistance to the influence of food, liquids, heat, damages;
  • environmental-friendliness and 100% recycled material;
  • anti-corrosion properties and wear-resistance;
  • durability and longevity;
  • aesthetic appearance and beautiful designs that suit any kitchen.

Generally, the stainless steel kitchen work table is ready for long-term usage in harsh conditions, aggressive and high humidity environments. Mechanical damage and exposure to high temperatures are not an issue for equipment made of stainless steel. However, to maximize all benefits, the selection process should be careful.

Importance of competently chosen stainless steel kitchen table

The desire to save money can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. First of all, dull spots can cover the surface of the tabletop. Also, corrosive signs will appear in the places of welding and bending, which is completely unacceptable for a surface that contacts with products. One more warning: avoid polished prep tables. The problem is that the smallest scratches, fingerprints, and traces of water are visible on a polished surface. It requires daily care with proper chemicals. But this does not guarantee food safety and longevity. In this case, consider some other finishes. So, choosing the perfect stainless steel kitchen prep table should be a top priority, as such purchase will promote the following commercial kitchen practices:

  • Space optimization. Properly selected and located professional equipment will optimize the space, boosting the productivity of personnel. In addition, stainless steel tables for the catering industry, having a significant reserve of safety and reliability, are able to withstand adverse kitchen conditions and serve as long as possible.
  • Facilitation of food prep processes. Inefficiency in preparation of meals can delay the time needed for serving. Purchasing stainless steel kitchen table with increased functionality through extra shelving or catering for faster cleaning and simpler maintaining will allow preparing and serving food faster.  
  • Compliance with hygienic standards. Cleanliness for businesses in the foodservice industry is a matter of high importance. Due to the surface smoothness, no dirt, dust, or food cannot hide into cracks, and dangerous microorganisms won’t have a place to colonize in your commercial kitchen. Thus, your staff will be able to clean it thoroughly, meeting all sanitarian norms and rules.

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