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Armed Black and White Gangs Confront Each Other Saturday at Stone Mountain City, Ga (video)

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( Mountain, GA)(August 16, 2020)-- Saturday the tension in our country raised its ugly head near the Stone Monument Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia as groups of various Marxist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and The Black militia fought with the  Three  Percenters militia, White Suprematists organizations and several dozens of other right-wing activists.

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Fights between the different groups broke out across Stone Mountain City. Stone Mountain is a city in DeKalb County, Georgia. The population was 5,802 according to the 2010 US Census. 


The Three Percenters militia, which organized the event, had applied last month to hold a more than 2,000-strong rally 'to defend and protect our history and Second Amendment rights' at the park, in response to a march by an all-Black militia held on July 4, according to a Daily Mail news article. 


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A white man holding a rifle and an All Lives Matter sign stands on guard


The application, however, was denied by state officials who cited violence at a similar event in 2016. Stone Mountain Memorial Association spokesperson John Bankhead said the park denied the permit on August 4.  


In a statement ahead of the planned rally on Friday, Stone Mountain Park announced it would close its gates to the public due to security concerns. 


But several online groups, including one dubbed 'Defending Stone Mountain,' that vowed to march in the park anyway, gathered in downtown Stone Mountain armed with rifles and military gear. 


Meanwhile, hundreds of armed counter-protesters wore BLM shirts or carried signs expressing support for the movement, descended on the march. 


Last month, on July 4, 1,000 or more armed black militants some carrying AR-15 rifles, and Glock 45's marched through the park stopping cars with white people inside demanding slavery reparations from them.


VIDEOS: Heavily Armed Black Militants Demonstrated at Stone Mountain, GA, the Birthplace of the KKK


The armed militants, screaming Black Power were escorted by police in patrol cars. The police did not stop the militants from blocking the cars driven by white people. 

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An army of a 1,000 plus black militants heavily armed with AK15 semi-automatic rifles marched through Stone Mountain Memorial Park on Independence day. screenshot: Newsweek

Park officials did not explain why the white militants were denied a permit to demonstrate but the black militants were allowed on July 4.

Stone Mountain Bas-relief close up (Wikimedia)

 Over 800 feet tall and a mile and a half wide, (below) the site draws some 4 million visitors a year. They come in part to see a huge bas-relief covering the northern face of the mountain that depicts three legendary leaders of the Confederacy – Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis -- all astride horses, each holding a hat over his heart.

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Videos of the battle between the various gangs, appear below.