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Explore the best ways to smoke marijuana weed


Marijuana weeds are a product gaining popularity among the youth all around the world. Pots generally derived from plants have incredible powers ascertained easily. It can help increase athletic performance and also treat anxiety simultaneously. Smoking of marijuana weeds is the most popular pleasure-seeking activity seen among the youngsters these days. 

However, there is no one way to smoke pot. On TheDartCo, you can definitely read more about the best way to smoke weed.

Vaporizer: Just directly inhaling the vapour is the purest form of using marijuana weed. The effect that it has is the most long-lasting. It helps one to be high for the longest time as compared to other ways of smoking. Vape pens emerged as alternatives to cigarettes, and much later, people realized vaporizing lessens the temperature in which cannabinoids transform from state of solid or liquid to gas. However, the problem with this method is that they are way beyond ordinary people's purchasing power, thus making it difficult for the majority of marijuana users to get it. Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.6.21


Apple: Often, youngsters or teenagers tend to use this method to satisfy their pleasure-seeking drives. The mechanical pencils were used to make homemade pipes. The apple made of disposable pipe had the power to add a lot of flavour to the otherwise skinny weed. The benefit is that one can eat the apple after the work of the pot is done.


Bong: Bongs also can take one high to another level. Bongs manufactured out of plastic, glass, camera, metals, and the like. They may take many forms ranging from simple to complex like carburetor bong, beaker shaped bong, round-based bong, straight tube bong, etc.


G-Pen: They are very similar to vape pens. One significant benefit is that it comes quite cheaper. They are healthier, easy to use, like a compact one-hitter. Also, it is portable, and you can carry it to a range of places without any problem. Besides this, they are quite user-friendly as they require minimum maintenance and are useful for more extended periods.


Joint: Joints were a kind of weeds used for smoking. It is a trend that has lasted over a while, and it is not going anywhere. The joints have pure marijuana on their inside without any mixing, which makes it so accessible. All other ways have some amount of Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.6.10mixture, and that is where joints stand out differently.


Bubbler: They are the excellent combination of the classic bong and a glass pipe. It helps to get all the hard action of a bong without having to move around with an awkward object everywhere with you.


Hence it can be seen from the points mentioned earlier that Marijuana weed smoking has taken many forms, while some are already holding the ground pretty well. Thus regular users can explore various ways before choosing what suits them well. 


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