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Encouraging Innovative Technology To Boost New Jersey’s Manufacturing Industry

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(New Jersey)(August 24, 2020)-An initiative from New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program Inc (NJMEP), designed to  stimulate job growth in the manufacturing industry throughout the state, has recently received full support from the Senate Labor Committee. New Jersey has been home to a thriving manufacturing industry for the past 200 years and was central to the birth of the American Industrial Revolution. Although hit by the recent economic downturn,  manufacturing is still a top performing industry in New Jersey, and companies in Gloucester City produce a range of products from precision machine components to industrial packaging. To support the growth of businesses further, a long-term aim of NJMEP has been to help manufacturers embrace the latest innovative technologies which are increasingly employed in the industry.
Inspecting Machinery With Borescopes
New Jersey’s geographical position and well-educated workforce have attracted many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to the area. To ensure the smooth running of production lines in these areas, regular inspections of machinery are essential. Remote visual inspection by borescope is one of the most  widely used non-destructive testing methods in science and technology, as it allows for the examination of inaccessible machinery components. Any problems can be promptly identified and repaired, minimizing unplanned and costly interruptions to production. These examinations take place in real-time but with the use of  industrial videoscopes, recorded images allow for a more thorough and accurate inspection away from the production line.  
Safe Assessment With Drones
In the aftermath of a recent explosion at an industrial facility in Gloucester City, the advantages of drone inspection were demonstrated. Employed to fly over the potentially volatile storage facility, drones allowed for  close examination of damage to the roof without putting first responders at risk. Drones are able to safely take overhead photographs and infrared scans that reveal where any damage to the structural integrity of a building has occurred. When not being employed for emergency inspections, drones can also be used within large storage facilities to  inspect and measure inventory using barcodes, or survey an irregular shaped stockpile of materials. On the production line, they can perform difficult or dangerous tasks, identifying damage or machine failure, and even carrying out repairs.
Monitoring Systems With Artificial Intelligence
Local manufacturing plants are also adopting AI technology, using it to improve and protect their business systems. As it can  collect data and detect patterns, AI is used to enhance monitoring systems. In the security system of a power plant, this may involve identifying and preventing a potential cyber attack. In addition, AI technology can be applied to improve manufacturing by processing and analysing production data. The results can be used to identify bottlenecks and other problems with the production line, and improvements to procedures and workflow can be then be implemented.
Despite recent setbacks, the manufacturing industry is flourishing in New Jersey. An initiative to stimulate job growth is still welcome, and together with support for the adoption of innovative technology, will help local manufacturing businesses develop further.


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