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Ej Dalius's views about cost-effective marketing hacks during COVID-19 for small businesses

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(August 25, 2020)--It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay. After a series of complete and partial lockdowns, economists and market researchers have realized that companies and organizations need to function under the current pandemic reality. People are trying to follow the social distancing and other safety protocols until the medical community comes up with a correct remedy for the virus. Sometime back, small businesses have also started getting back to operation. It is essential to market their service and products after a lull by implementing affordable marketing strategies.

Cost-efficient marketing – The Eric J Dalius way

Small businesses have limited cash. Based on the current situation, small business companies must hold on to their savings to survive any other emergency. Eric J Dalius, an entrepreneur, has suggested a few cost-effective marketing tactics for small business firms that will yield positive outcomes. 

  • Eric Dalius on creating or updating a website 

Every business needs a website. Yours could be a small business firm, but your target customers will still want to know about you. If you started your business sometime back and was mulling on a website, go ahead and design and host your website. It is the first reference point for your company. You can opt-in for a basic, clutter-free, minimalistic website design pattern that will cost you less. If you already have a website go ahead and update it. That way, your target customers will know that you are working on your business and develop a curiosity about your brand. 

  • Creative PPC copy

It is not the time to opt-in for magazine and billboard ads. You need to leverage the situation at hand. Most people are working from home and spend ample time browsing online. Eric Dalius says to go ahead and create a creative copy for the PPC ads. Make sure to use the correct keywords so that your target customers can resonate and send in a query or make a purchase. 

  • Use social media

Your social media can get transformed into a cost-effective online marketing tool during the COVID-19 phase. You can either opt-in for Twitter or Facebook ads or share interesting content about your services and products. Ej Dalius thinks that a balanced combination of both will help you keep your audience engaged and visit your website. It will help you increase the organic traffic on your website and social media page, get prospective leads, and gradually convert them into customers.

  • Social influencer connect

Influencer marketing is a good option. You don't have to personally visit a social influencer and get together to record a marketing video if things work out. You can maintain the social distancing norms, create your unique content, and share it with the social influencer who will talk about your brand on their social media page. It will introduce your brand to a wide range of audiences that you didn't know existed.

The pandemic phase has made it challenging for people to move around and implement marketing initiatives. But it is an excellent opportunity to focus online and come up with reasonably priced marketing strategies that work.