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Do’s & Don’ts When Storing Kratom


(August 19, 2020)--Natural decay is a big problem with many different plant-based products, and as kratom is included in this category, it, too, can undergo decomposition over time. This kind of reduction in potency can be seen in a jar of spices that have been tucked away at the back of your cupboard and forgotten about for many years; if you try to use it again, you will find that it has lost much of its original aroma and flavor. 

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Kratom powder can lose potency over time as well, and this process is only quickened by improper storage. So, whether you are a complete novice when it comes to kratom and wants to know how to store it properly, or if you have just purchased a bulk order from Kratom One and need it to last as long as possible, then read on to learn about the do and don’ts of storing kratom.



DO: Keep kratom in an airtight container

One of the biggest killers of kratom potency is oxidation – this is a chemical process sped along by oxygen which changes the composition of the molecules found in your kratom, such as mitragynine, the main alkaloid in kratom. Following prolonged exposure to oxygen, mitragynine may start to undergo an oxidation reaction, where it will decompose and form mitragynine pseudoindoxil, a completely different chemical compound.

By storing your kratom in an airtight container, you will be minimizing expose to air (and therefore oxygen) as much as possible, which is especially important if this is a batch that you plan on keeping stashed away for a long time. Ziplock bags, medicine bottles, and mason jars are all perfect for this, and even vacuum sealing your kratom in plastic is a sure-fire way to reduce exposure to air, slowing down the process of oxidation significantly.


DO: Keep your kratom dry

Moisture is another environmental factor that can wreak havoc on your kratom if left unchecked, as even a small amount can completely spoil your stash by causing mold growth and decay. You can also avoid this hazard by keeping your kratom in an airtight container in a dry, low-humidity area.


DO: Keep your kratom in the dark

An invisible enemy, the UV light that is found in sunlight is also a major danger to your Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.1.23kratom; if you’ve ever seen the way some fabrics can fade significantly when left out in the sun for a long period of time, then you will be able to understand how UV light can cause your kratom to decompose too. 

As such, it is vital that you keep your kratom stored away somewhere dark that is completely hidden from all sunlight, including even ambient sunlight. Keeping your kratom supply in an area away from greenhouse lights is also important, as these produce UV light too.



DON’T: Keep your kratom unsealed

As we touched on before, oxidation can severely affect the potency and quality of your kratom over time, so keeping your stash in an unsealed container out in the open is a big no-no. While you can keep small daily amounts in an unsealed package as they will only be out for a short period of time, if you have bought in bulk and have a large supply on hand that needs to last you a long time, then be sure to store all of it away in airtight containers. If you don’t, then you may find that you have wasted any money that you would have normally saved by buying in bulk, as your product will no longer be potent or fresh.


DON’T: Keep your kratom in the fridge (if it isn’t sealed)

It is important to keep your kratom in a cool place such as a dark cupboard or other well-ventilated places, and some may think that their fridge is the ideal place to keep their kratom fresh. This is certainly true; our fridges keep our food fresh for a long time, so they should do the same for your kratom. However, if you choose to go with this method, then it’s imperative to keep this kratom in a sealed, airtight container, as fridges can often become quite moist and humid, an environment you definitely do not want your kratom sitting in unprotected.


DON’T: Keep your kratom in a humid area

Kitchens and bathrooms can often be popular areas to store your kratom, and this makes it easily accessible. But beware – bathrooms, kitchens, and places like laundry rooms can get incredibly humid at times. If you find your morning shower turns your bathroom into a sauna, then absolutely do not store any kratom in there, as this will significantly quicken the rate of your kratom’s decay.

The same is true for your kitchen – while not the worst place to store your kratom, you just need to be sure that you are keeping it away from high-humidity locations such as near your dishwasher, cooking/steaming areas and your sink, as these can all produce moisture that lingers in the air.


DON’T: Keep your kratom outside

For the same reasons that you should not store your kratom in your bathroom, and take caution storing it in your fridge or kitchen, you should be wary of stashing it away in an outdoor building such as a shed. Structures such as these are not often well-protected against Mother Nature, and you may find these areas becoming moist during damp weather conditions, such as rain or snow. As such, to avoid contaminating and spoiling your kratom with water, it’s simply best to just avoid these areas.


DON’T: Keep your kratom in direct sunlight

This last piece of advice is directly related to what we talked about previously. UV light is harmful to kratom as it can speed up certain processes that result in the decomposition of the chemical compounds that it is made up of, thus reducing the quality and potency of your stash.

A further hazard is that this UV light can also cause the chemicals in certain thin plastics that you are storing your supply in to break down slowly over time, which has a chance of eventually seeping into your kratom and causing mild contamination.