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Class Action Suit Filed Against Bladder Medication Allegedly Linked To Visual Problems

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( 26, 2020)--Interstitial cystitis is a painful or uncomfortable condition affecting between three and eight million women, and one and four million men in the U.S. Its symptoms - including urgency, frequency, and pain - can interfere with one’s quality of life - including one’s sex life, since sexual intimacy can increase pain. Up until recently, one medication is given to people with this problem as Elmiron. However, a class action in Quebec has recently been filed regarding this drug, owing to its alleged link to vision issues.
What Issues Are Alleged?
The  Elmiron class-action lawsuit alleges that the long-term use of this drug is related to a novel, progressive eye disorder that impacts the part of the retina that enables accurate, sensitive vision. The alleged problems include blurry vision, reading problems, difficulty adjusting to different lighting conditions, and muted color. The lawsuit states that the manufacturers of the medication failed to correctly warn health professionals and their patients of a possible link between the drug and vision loss. The specialists in charge of the case stated that Elmiron is used by hundreds of thousands of people to treat interstitial cystitis and that the medication is related to permanent vision loss. The latter, in turn, has led to a loss in quality of life.
What Should You Do If You Are Affected?
It is important to seek both medical and legal advice if you think your vision has been affected following time taking this medication. Firms in the U.S. are currently reviewing lawsuits at no charge, with a view to helping those affected receive monetary damage for any eye damage incurred. If you are worried about legal fees, know that some will not charge you fees unless you receive a settlement from the lawsuit. Some firms in the U.S. have already filed lawsuits in both state and federal courts, and they deal with retinal specialists with a knowledge of the possible toxic effects of specific medications on vision.
How Does Vision Loss Impact On Your Quality Of Life?
It is important to seek compensation if you can if you have vision loss since it can impact your life in many ways. It can affect one’s independence and mobility, and it is linked to injury, falls, and potential issues in areas as extensive as mental health, social function, educational attainment, and employment. The economic impact is also considerable, with one study commission by Prevent Blindness showing that the total loss for visual disorders across all ages amounts to billions of dollars. It can also affect the lives of close family members or friends who take on caregiving tasks.
A recent class-action suit has been filed against Elmiron in Quebec, owing to potential links between the medication and vision loss. In the U.S., lawyers are also inviting those affected to seek aid, with a view to obtaining compensation for loss in quality of life and potential earnings. If you have been taking this medication and have developed vision problems, ensure you seek legal and medical help.