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Choosing the Right CI/CD Partner

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( 10, 2020)--As soon as someone mentions that something is a new philosophy it is often discussed in abstract principles with practical implementation a far off pipe dream. CI/CD, or continuous integration and continuous delivery, is one of those philosophies. It is a way for DevOps teams to create great software, free of security issues and bugs, and can increase the usable lifespan of technology greatly. However, like all philosophies, abstract terms make up its foundation. This often means that organizations need to bring on a CI/CD partner to help revolutionize company projects.


Defining Abstracts

Before choosing a partner, platform, or software package it helps to know exactly what experts believe CI/CD is. Further, it helps to break the concept down into its component parts, those being continuous integration and continuous delivery. CI allows teams to continually make small changes to a codebase while simultaneously continually check code into relevant repositories. The need for such a philosophy arose as applications needed to be developed for a variety of different platforms and teams needed to be able to validate changes easily. The net result of this was that developers could automate ways to not only build applications but to test them as well. This further enabled greater collaboration between team members and separate teams, but importantly allowed for better software creation.


CD, viewed in a similar way to CI, begins where CI ends and incorporates the delivery of the applications to various environments or platforms. Applying similar principles allowed the delivery of applications to be automated. The whole philosophy would be rendered redundant if the code changes made by teams could not be automatically delivered to the various environments. If automation was not possible the whole “continuous” part would not be possible. To find out more how the philosophy is practically realized visit



Central to the idea of continuous is speed. For that reason, whoever is chosen as the CI/CD partner needs to enable quick integrations as well as quick delivery. Slow delivery and integration trip up the idea of continuous, however, the biggest consideration for DevOps teams will be time saved to put into other projects. For business leaders time saved is money saved. The right partner needs to be able to enable speedy CI/CD to keep that pipeline running optimally.



A central reason for the success of teams adopting CI/CD is automation which was discussed above. Recent developments that have increased the amount of work done remotely places even greater emphasis on automation. Engineers need to be able to focus time spent effectively while not being able to rely on face to face collaboration, any hiccup in automation could mean hours spent correcting the hiccup rather than developing great software. A CI/CD partner needs to create a frictionless automation process where the entire team can contribute without jumping through hurdles.



There are very solid reasons why investors have begun pouring funds into CI/CD focused companies, but choosing the right partner is critical to the realization of the abstract philosophy. It is important to ask how your chosen partner delivers on the key aspects of the philosophy.