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CBD Oil vs CBD Vape Cartridges - Understanding the differences


(September 13, 2020)--When CBD first hit the spotlight all the rave was about cannabinoid-infused tinctures and edible gummies. Vaping technology has made it relatively easy for people to get their daily dose of CBD. The cannabis community has been thoroughly enjoying the benefits of CBD for years especially since CBD dominant products are completely legal in the United States. Whether you take Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 11.12.25CBD for your anxiety or for its pain-relieving effects you might be wondering whether it's best to use CBD vape cartridges or CBD juice. 


What Is CBD Juice?


CBD vape cartridges are disposable containers that are filled with cannabinoid-infused juice that can be used with a vape pen. Most cartridges contain up to 1ml of product. Depending on the manufacturer these cartridges can be refilled with CBD liquid. CBD liquids and CBD vape cartridges are meant to vaporize and inhale by the user. Vaping is considered the most effective method of administering cannabinoids. If you are going to vape CBD it's important that you purchase the right form of CBD that’s formulated to be vaporized. 


It's common for manufacturers to market CBD vape cartridges as CBD oil.  For instance, companies use the term CBD vape oil when in reality it should be labeled as a CBD vape juice. CBD oils differ greatly from CBD juice.  CBD oils differ greatly from CBD juice. Apart from this, you can visit this site to learn about the benefits of CBD for dogs and cats.


What Is CBD Oil?


Buying disposal vapes online is becoming increasingly popular and it can be easily purchased at any cannabis, smoke shop. These oils can be used in several different ways. It can be applied directly to the skin, or dropped onto the tongue as a tincture. CBD oil can be consumed sublingually or topically. Although cannabinoid oils are safe for oral consumption they can’t be used as an e-liquid or a vape juice that’s ingested through vapor. 


What Are the Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD Vape Juice?


There’s no denying that CBD oil products and vape juice look quite similar. However, each product is designed and intended for different uses. CBD oils are made from a combination of food-grade oil such as coconut oil, hemp or olive oil, and a CBD extract. Some CBD oil products may even contain a flavored fruit additive for a pleasant taste when consumed orally. These oils weren’t created to be vaporized so if you use them in a vape pen it will burn the coils in your vape and it could produce a harmful vapor that can be potentially harmful to your lungs. Vaping CBD requires CBD juice. 


CBD vape cartridges that contain e-liquid are also produced from a CBD extract. A thinning agent is also used which makes the extract thin enough to be vaporized. Making a proper e-liquid for a CBD vape cartridge is a science that requires the correct proportions. 


Different Types of Cannabis But the Same CBD


Did you know that the CBD oil that you purchase from a smoke shop or cannabis shop is derived from a different type of cannabis than CBD juice you’ll find in a vape cartridge? Most cannabinoid oils come from the cannabis plant we all love and know as marijuana. The CBD found in CBD juice in vape cartridges is sourced from hemp. Hemp is the preferred plant for producing CBD vape cartridges juice because only cannabis plants that contain less than 3% of THC can be grown and infused into products without legal restrictions. Even raw hemp oil can be smoked with a vape pen. We offer the best quality CBD vape cartridges here Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 11.14.16


Is CBD Oil Better Than CBD Vape Cartridges Juice?


So which one is better? Because CBD oil in it’s rawest form is often viewed as the healthiest option. According to experts, CBD oil is supposed to be taken orally and oral consumption of CBD isn’t always effective. CBD has a decreased bioavailability when consumed orally. In fact, the average bioavailability is 25%-35% which means that you won’t experience it’s full effect since it’s quickly broken down in the digestive system and rapidly metabolized by the liver. 


Using CBD vape cartridges has proven to be a highly efficient method of consumption because up to 56% of the cannabinoid content enters the bloodstream. When you vape CBD you may begin experiencing the effects of it almost instantly. If you use a CBD vape cartridge you’ll need far less CBD to get relief from pain or anxiety. If you are ever confused about whether you’re supposed to vape or take a CBD product orally you should check the label. The instructions can let you know the product’s intended use.


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