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Camden County Dedicated Resource Center

(Camden City, NJ) – The Camden County One-Stop is a dedicated resource
Aroundcenter for individuals seeking quality information on available employment and training programs, as well as how to access those opportunities and services. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to affect gatherings and in-person services in New Jersey, the Center is providing many of its services virtually.

“The economic toll of this pandemic has been devastating for families and individuals throughout Camden County, but the One-Stop Center is continuing to work with our residents seeking employment opportunities or training,” said Freeholder Jonathan Young, liaison to the One-Stop Center. “The Center now has the capacity to offer many of its services via the internet or over the phone. Whether you are recently unemployed due to the pandemic, or your search for work has been prolonged for other reasons, our staff is here to help.”

Jobseekers, employers, and those looking for additional information should contact the relevant individual or organization below:

Training Services
Improve Skills and Abilities through Training for Demand Occupations

Career Services and Labor Market Information
Individual Employment Plan, Job Search, Resume, Interviewing, Networking, and LMI Assistance

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Assistance for Clients with Physical or Cognitive Barriers to Employment

Veterans Services
Job Search Assistance and Supportive Services Referrals for Veterans with Significant Barriers to Employment

Business Services
Provides Assistance to Employers for All Their Hiring Needs

Jersey Job Club
Virtual Workshops to Improve Your Job Search Skills

Learning Link
Improve Basic Skills and Literacy Levels

Youth One-Stop
Empower Out-of-School Youth (Ages 16-24) through Assessment, Training and Supportive Services

Workforce 55+
“Earn While You Learn” Program For Mature Workers

Reemployment Services Eligibility and Assessment

For more information on the Camden County One-Stop Center and all of the other resources offered by the county to help residents find employment and economic stability, visit