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Atilis Gym Owners in Bellmawr Are Now Involved in Politics, Backing Rik Mehta For Senate

Trumbetti and Smith are backing Rik Mehta for the US Senate in New Jersey
(Gloucestercitynews.net)BELLMAWR, NJ-(August 24, 2020)--Effective today August 21, 2020, Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith are pleased to announce their support for candidate Rik Mehta for the United States Senate in New Jersey.
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Rik Mehta won the Republican Primary for NJ Senate seat and will now face Democrat Cory Booker (photo courtesy of SWARAJYAmag.com magazine)
Trumbetti and Smith have declared their location, 363 West Browning Road, Bellmawr is a Rik Mehta for Senate Rally Location.
“Since the State says we can no longer operate we will not. Starting today we intend to hold rallies at our location every day until the election.” This is not about political party, this is about supporting someone who supports our right to stay healthy.” Declared Smith.
Smith continued, “We encourage all of our visitors to sign up and volunteer for The Rik Mehta for Senate Campaign at our address. You will only be allowed in if you are a member. Due to the heavy fines levied against us we ask visitors to donate to us to help us support our fight for all of our rights, most importantly our First Amendment rights and your rights to stay health in the face of this pandemic.”
Each has accepted positions on Mehta’s finance committee.
“Mehta is the only candidate for any office who has shown support for our fight for the US Constitution,” said Trumbetti. “Rik has proven to me that his support for us is not superficial. He is a noted public health expert who knows our gym has been a safe place to visit.
Trumbetti continued, “he is a true believer in standing up for all the small business, not just here in New Jersey, but across America.
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U.S. Senate hopeful Dr. Rik Mehta is a biotech entrepreneur, innovator, healthcare policy expert, and a licensed pharmacist and attorney. Trained at world-renowned Rutgers University as a pharmacist and lawyer, Dr. Mehta has emerged as a top potential candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in 2020 because of his intimate knowledge of the issues that matter to New Jersey. As a small business owner and a first-generation American, he’s a staunch advocate for defending our Constitutional rights, an affordable, accessible putting healthcare system that’s built for generations to come, and building New Jersey’s economy for the future.

Rik is married to his energetic wife Reema and they have three little gentlemen and their dog Dexter. STEM-educated at Rutgers and Johns Hopkins, Reema is also an influential leader and scientist in her field. She is a former FDA official and currently serves as Pfizer’s Head of Global Risk Management and Safety Surveillance Research. The two met at their alma mater, Rutgers School of Pharmacy, where they were married. They currently reside in Morris County, Chester Township. (read more)

Dr. Mehta is challenging the Democrat incumbent Cory Booker aka Spartacus.  According to The WRAP,

When Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) threatened to defy Senate rules and release confidential documents about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, during Kavanaugh confirmation hearing in 2018 he cited the opportunity to have his own “I am Spartacus” moment — and prompted a few head scratches about the pop culture reference.

“This is the closest I’ll ever get in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment,” Booker said, citing a line from the 1960 Academy Award-winning movie “Spartacus,” directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas, and based on real history.