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Amy Kennedy Endorses Bipartisan RESTAURANTS Act


Brigantine, NJ –  Today, Amy Kennedy endorsed the bipartisan RESTAURANTS Act which would establish the $120B Restaurant Revitalization Fund to provide relief to the many South Jersey restaurants impacted by the pandemic. The RESTAURANTS Act is co- Down the shore 7sponsored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) and over 180 members of Congress.


Amy Kennedy said, “Local restaurants are a cornerstone of our community and are vital to our economy in South Jersey. We’ve seen the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on local restaurants across the district and we need federal leaders to take action. Providing economic assistance for the independent restaurant industry is one of the most critical investments to help South Jersey recover from this crisis. I’m committed to the people of my community, to serving and providing the relief and protection the people, businesses and restaurants need.” 


“The pandemic has hit business hard, especially during our busiest season. It’s clear that we need real relief, for business and restaurant owners, for our staff and for our community,” said Tom Corona, owner of El Coyote. “Amy Kennedy has stepped up and advocated for the relief we need to survive. I know she’ll be a champion for the people here. She understands the issues we’re facing, she listens to our concerns and she’s willing to do the work and stand up for change.”


“From Oregon to New Jersey, Amy Kennedy knows how hard it is to imagine our communities without independent restaurants. But without federal assistance, many of these beloved corner coffee shops, diners, and cafes may not be able to reopen their doors,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR). “Our bipartisan RESTAURANTS Act will provide $120 billion in relief to these local restaurants to ensure they — and their workers — get the support they need to get through this unprecedented health crisis. And when Amy gets to Congress soon, I’m excited to work with her on this important legislation.”


In addition to the RESTAURANTS Act, Amy also has a Small Business Policy to address the impacts of COVID on South Jersey’s local businesses. Amy’s Small Businesses Policy is one of many comprehensive policy plans to address the issues facing South Jerseyans. Click here to see Amy’s policies.