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You Can Now Buy All-American Gold Nuggets Online

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( 10, 2020)--Due to the higher quality and ease of availability, Australian gold nuggets are preferred in general over those from any other nation. Even in the US, Australian nuggets are generally held in higher regard than their American counterparts, but those who are more inclined to support the American economy through and through can now choose to buy All American gold nuggets online. This is also relevant to collectors since international importation has ceased for the time being.

Understanding the Uniqueness of Gold Nuggets is Crucial for Making the Right Decision

Gold nuggets are a natural combination of quartz, sand, and rock, formed over many millennia. As the gold embedded in quartz begins to take shape by coming together with sand and rock, each nugget turns into a unique piece of natural gold. No nugget of natural gold will ever have a duplicate in shape, texture or natural detailing. This applies to all gold nuggets, irrespective of their origin. Their monetary value is related to but limited by the ongoing price of gold.

There is a Difference in Quality Though: Alaskan Vs. Australian

Gold nuggets are rated based on several factors, but the most important aspect which decides their rating, quality, and price would be the purity or percentage of gold in the nugget. Generally, gold nuggets across the world are found between 8-22 karats, with 24 being the highest possible purity. Since the very definition of natural gold nuggets dictate that they cannot be 100% pure, 22K-23K is as high as one can expect their gold nugget’s purity to be.

Alaskan nuggets usually come slightly short in this department, as they are on an average and almost always found to have a lower gold content than Australian natural gold nuggets. It is more common to find 17K-20K gold nuggets in Alaskan mines, while Australian mines often produce nuggets that range in purity from 20K-23K. Even the largest natural gold nugget, aka The Welcome Stranger, was also found inside a Victorian mine in 1869

Online Options Now Open to Buy Genuine Californian and Alaskan Gold Nuggets

Due to restrictions imposed on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, Aussie gold nuggets are not being imported for the time being, but that has helped the Californian and the Alaskan gold mines to fair better in this niche segment of the gold business. Those willing to support the American economy in the sector can buy Alaskan/Californian gold nuggets or unique jewelry made from natural gold at They are one of the biggest names in the global natural gold market. Therefore rare, exotic and unique natural gold pieces from all over the world are also part of their inventory, including some of the purest pieces ever imported from Australia.

Natural gold is a thing of unique beauty as it is crafted by nature itself over the course of countless years. Collectors had known their aesthetic, unique, and commercial value for a long time now, but even more mainstream buyers have recently started getting interested in natural gold jewelry. Unfortunately, that has also created a market for counterfeit nuggets, so practicing caution and only buying from reputed names in the business is highly recommended.