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Were You Injured in an Industrial Accident?


( 30, 2020An oil refinery is an industrial processing plant where crude oil is refined into a number of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, paraffin wax, asphalt, tar, and liquefied petroleum gas. Oil refineries are an important part of the American economy, and refineries offer a large number of jobs to local oil and gas workers.

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Anyone living in the country knows the risks inherent in working at a refinery, such as explosions, gases, and chemical spills, fires, and other occupational illnesses associated with oil. Unfortunately, most of these accidents could be completely avoided if safety and maintenance procedures are properly followed. If you have been injured in an explosion at an oil refinery, contact our Houston plant explosion lawyer at the Zehl & Associates immediately.

On March 23, 2005, a major fire and explosion occurred in the City of Texas City Refinery BP, killing 15 workers and injuring more than 170 others. BP was later charged with criminal violations of federal environmental laws. The oil giant was fined for hundreds of security breaches and later fined even more for failing to implement new security improvements after the big disaster. This accident, unfortunately, illustrates how large corporations can put profits ahead of safety, resulting in innocent workers being seriously injured or killed.

Common Causes of Refinery Explosions

The oil industry remains an inherently dangerous work environment where it can produce unforeseen explosions, causing multiple injuries and deaths. The most common causes of oil refinery explosions include:

• Poor safety procedures • Equipment failure • Chemical spills • Drilling rig accidents • Blowout accidents • Fires • Third party negligence • Power lines cut • Negligent subcontractors • Defective equipment

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Due to the number of oil refineries on the Gulf Coast, oil and gas workers are at increased risk of being involved in a refinery accident or explosion. Unfortunately, many explosions are a direct result of negligent safety practices or negligent maintenance, and should have been avoided from occurring in the first place.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a refinery explosion, you should contact an attorney at the Zehl & Associatesto schedule your initial consultation. They understand how these types of injuries are some of the worst types of occupational injuries anyone can experience, and can leave their lives changed forever. After reviewing the details of your case, he can advise you on how to proceed with your injury claim.