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Video: Anarchists Attack Homeland Security Agents Protecting Federal Buildings in Portland

CNBNews Reporting

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(, OREGON, JULY 21, 2020)--Hundreds of anarchists try to storm a United Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.22.19 States courthouse in Portland, Oregon as agents from Homeland Security sent to Portland to protect federal buildings fire teargas into the crowds trying to disperse them. One agent was hit over the head by a subversive using a sledge hammer. His medical condition is unknown. The 23-year-old suspect, who resides in Texas, is facing federal charges.

According to Chad Wolf, acting Homeland Security head since November 2019 the Portland protests have been going on every night for over 50 days. Wolf said the anarchists number in the 1000, are well trained, are mostly white, and are between 20 and 30 years old. "They come out every night when it gets dark and disappear when the sun rises."

Since late June, Portland, Seattle, and Washington D.C. have now all seen federal officers dispatched to their cities to protect monuments and federal facilities, the AP has reported

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler wants to see the federal officers protecting property downtown refrain from spilling out onto the streets during the nightly protests against police brutality. But unlike other city leaders, he stopped short Monday of demanding they withdraw from Portland altogether or rebuking President Donald Trump for deploying them.

“I have no problem with the federal government and federal officers inside their facilities, protecting their facilities. That’s what they do. That’s what they always do,” Wheeler said Monday. “What I have a problem with is them leaving these facilities, going out onto the streets of this community and then escalating an already tense situation.”


(See Portland protest) Man caught on video attacking a U.S. Marshal with a hammer | ABC7



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