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This is a new weekly update from Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Lawrence Tabas filling you in on what our statewide party leaders are up to, along with relevant news pertaining to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Good morning, Pennsylvania. 

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I spoke with the Pennsylvania Senate Thursday about the ethical concerns of mail-in drop boxes. These boxes are not a valid means of submitting voter ballots. Mail-in drop boxes in fact threaten our constitutional rights and raise serious security concerns

→ Watch here: State Senate Governmental Committee discusses 2020 election issues (PAGOP)

Our current legislation simply does not permit drop boxes as a valid channel to submit a ballot. Rightfully so, since these drop boxes have no security to keep someone from tampering with ballots. 2020 is an essential election year. The voices of all Pennsylvanians must be heard. Join me in ensuring a credible election. 

Lawrence J. Tabas
Chairman, Pennsylvania Republican Party

Heidelbaugh puts the pressure on DA Krasner and AG Shapiro 🔥

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has a history of being weak on crime and Attorney General Josh Shapiro lets him get away with it. Crime is up nearly 70% in Philadelphia. Why? Well it could be due to the fact that these criminals know they won’t be prosecuted, so why not continue to get away with more crimes? DA Krasner doesn’t prosecute illegal gun crimes.

Heather Heidelbaugh, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania attorney general, is calling on AG Shapiro to hold Larry Krasner accountable. It is a sad day when criminals who rob, harm or threaten others with illegally obtained weapons are able to walk off free of charge. Our Commonwealth deserves better.

→ Watch this: Josh Shapiro stays silent as Larry Krasner refuses to prosecute gun possession charges (YouTube


Governor Wolf strikes out ❌

Sen. Toomey has been vocal about working with the MLB and health officials to safely bring back baseball to Pittsburgh. There was support among all parties involved to bring the Toronto Blue Jays to play at PNC Park. The world was waiting on the green light from Governor Wolf.
Of course where there is common sense discussion between the public and private sector, Democrats are bound to come in and slow down progress. Gov. Wolf and Dr. Levine announced Wednesday the Blue Jays would not be permitted to play at PNC Park. Sen. Toomey — who held a roundtable discussion with MLB and health officials earlier this week — expressed disapproval of the decision made by Gov. Wolf. Sen. Toomey pointed out that Gov. Wolf deprived Pittsburgh of a great economic opportunity with his decision. 
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PA House power checks Gov. Wolf ⚖️

The Pennsylvania House voted July 14 to restore power to the people, rather than Gov. Wolf. Senate Bill 1166 prohibits Gov. Wolf’s emergency declaration from lasting longer than 21 days. Once the 21 days are up, the PA General Assembly can vote on whether the emergency declaration should continue or not.
Currently, Gov. Wolf’s emergency declarations can last up to 90 days. For three whole months, Gov. Wolf is able to have a hold over our Commonwealth. 
“We believe the power of our Commonwealth truly rests with the people. Pennsylvania is not a dictatorship, and the voters should ultimately decide. We are a co-equal branch of government and have tried at every turn to work with the administration, including asking to join a multi-branch, bipartisan task force to manage this crisis. The governor turned us down, deciding instead to go it alone for months on end.” — Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler
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