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Startups face these marketing challenges that Ej Dalius considers to be the biggest handicap


( 30, 2020)--Startups get handicapped due to lack of resources like people and money. In many cases, it is not unusual to see entrepreneurs going solo to realize their dreams. On top of it, they have limited consumers, and some may even do the hard work of selling their idea first to develop consumer awareness if they are introducing a product or service that is one of its kinds in the market. Moreover, a lack of knowledge about the market and consumers might be the undoing of many

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startups, which often blur their vision about marketing. According to Ej Dalius, an experienced marketing veteran, businesses of any size and type cannot do without marketing. Being small is no excuse for not having some marketing infrastructure and plans.

Small businesses need to understand the importance of marketing and the challenges that come with it. 

Trying to do too much is the most formidable challenge, says Eric J Dalius

While some small business entrepreneurs fail to understand the importance of marketing, some others over-emphasize it and try to do too much, which can prove counter-productive, opines Eric J Dalius. Working too hard and doing it on a larger scale tends to make them lose focus and coupled with the constrained resources that small businesses have derailed their marketing efforts. Doing too much means doing mediocre work at all levels that lead to poor execution. It is frustrating for employees to see that the right results are elusive despite doing a lot of hard work. This can affect the business progress that suffers from the negative impact of de-focused marketing.

Eric Dalius perceives lack of audience targeting as another challenge

What you market and for whom are the most critical factors in marketing, explains Eric Dalius, who has more than two decades of marketing experience that helped him etch out a successful career.  Over-zealous in their marketing efforts, too many small businesses try to focus on all consumers instead of targeting them according to the demographics and become overwhelmed in trying to reach out to them across too many channels. They have an overflowing plate that dooms their marketing efforts. A better way of marketing is to start on a small scale with a fixed group of audiences in mind, and as the campaign gains traction, keep scaling it up to reach out to a newer section of consumers.  

Do little, but do it well

The biggest lesson that small business marketers must learn is not to become a Jack of all trades by trying to do too many things, none of which they can do well. Instead, they must analyze their strengths in marketing. By considering the available resources, craft a plan to reach out to the largest section of the target audience, no matter how small the audience size might be.  

The success of marketing depends on creating brand value that consumers will appreciate, and even if there are a few consumers at the beginning, the impact of the campaign, when done correctly, will swell the numbers soon.