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Republican Congressional Candidate: Now Is Not The Time To Be Bitter


This election is far too important to risk losing down-ballot races

COLLINGSWOOD – Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, after reading reports that unsuccessful GOP US Senate candidates Tricia Flanagan and Hirsh Singh haven’t coalesced behind the winner of the primary election, Rik Mehta, said, “Now is not the time to be bitter.”

“I’ve been where Flanagan and Singh are now, I lost a hard-fought four-way congressional primary in 2014,” Claire Gustafson said, “I get it, losing isn’t fun. What I didn’t do was discourage my supporters from getting behind the winner. Instead, I made sure I supported Garry Cobb and even contributed financially to his campaign.”

Gustafson continued, “Telling a reporter, ‘I’m going to let him call me. I’d like to hear more about his platform and about what he offers,’ sends the wrong message to your supporters. Even worse, filing for a recount in four counties will change nothing. These actions have the potential to hurt down-ballot races.”

“President Trump’s voters are going to vote for him no matter what.” Gustafson added, “What concerns me is that because Flanagan and Singh refuse to back Mehta Republican voters will simply skip the rest of the ballot.”

“This election is far too important to risk losing down-ballot races simply because candidates suffered a tough loss.” Gustafson said, “No question Flanagan and Singh both garnered a significant number of votes, now it is time to encourage party unity and encourage those voters to support the entire Republican ticket. This is a golden opportunity for Flanagan and Singh to step up and be leaders in our party. I’m happy to help make that happen, I’m just a phone call away.”